Alex Jones Show June 19 2011 – World War 3, Google CEO Eric Schmidt ◣◢


On this Sunday Edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talk about World War 3, now in implementation stage as Obama ignores the Constitution and Congress in …


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  1. kenetic military action? lmao….. war by any other name is still war!

  2. DJEN33 says:

    @xavierspade666 lol

  3. The control loving kleptocracy needs to realize that some people like me, who want the truth from the puppets and puppet masters, will just drop the internet cold if sites like InfoWars and PrisonPlanet are censored or banned from the internet, As far as I’m concerned, You Tube will have only very rare visits from me if they take Alex Jones off their site. I don’t have time to waste surfing the web for dumbed-down content.

  4. DJEN33 says:

    @DickWhittington1000 The darknets will prevail.

  5. @DickWhittington1000 I hear ya Bro—but to be honest,I dont think they NEED to censor the internet.I say that because I cant believe how many hits the dopey mindless youtube vids get, while more informative documentaries and programs get so few.

  6. In regard to this program & the "powers that be" may be referring to WW4 as their intended Fourth Reich. What a shame !!! May God bless you in a mighty way for the awesome work you're doing. Thank you so very much

  7. tonytonytee says:

    nwo is alive and well.

  8. Igamikun says:

    @morphious121 It's spelt monarch, not monark. Monark has been a company name, used by multiple companies but is not related to what you're defining. I would never follow the blatant fear mongering and garbage that is posted, especially in your case of illegible spelling mistakes.

  9. the cold war involved 2 countries and there was not high amounts of deaths (at least from soldiers killing eachother).

    How does that count as a world war?

  10. @tonytonytee more than people know…

  11. @singledad1234 who 3? JFK, Lincoln,…?

  12. soulburn2k5 says:

    @officialkingofbass thanks for telling me that war sucks, i wasn't sure if it was good or bad, its quite interesting that you mention the financial cost but not the cost to human life

  13. @BiggerThinking1 There were actually four, not three, that were assasinated. Kennedy Lincoln Garfield McKinley

    assassination means the killing of an important figure but truly only two were
    assassinated McKinley barely survived being shot but lived afterwards and Garfield
    died not the day he was shot but many weeks later due to complications of being
    unable to remove the bullet because they could not find it lodged in his body.

  14. well he speaks truth time and time again the goverment gets caught lying look for urselfs you just cant see it why was jfk shot dead ask urselfs dat and his security ordered to stand down amazing wake up ppl

  15. I always want to call in and ask him to clear his throat.

  16. @officialkingofbass Yeah, we all would like for that to be however, men are sinful, the devil is real and ever since the garden he and his minions have tried to kill mankind..i.e. gives evil thoughts to evil men and there fore you have war. It'll be peaceful with God comes back.

  17. Matt Merillo says:

    I'm not sure why it's so hard for people to see what's happening all around them. Denial is either fear or arrogance and arrogance is fear.

    Don't take what you see on the news as honest coverage all the time as the networks only show the angle which they want you to see. Your research will strengthen you ideas.

    These same figures killed an American president by the name of JKF, have stage and manipulated world events all through history.

    These figures are the real force behind the troubles

  18. see my usa war video also

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