Alex Jones: The New World Order Has OFFICIALLY Arrived, and It Involves Cannibalism Sort Of


In this The vast majority Report clip, we enjoy Alex Jones Officially MARK THE Day: September one is the working day that the New Globe Order commenced functions. Get all set for an elaborately disgusting cannibalism metaphor and plenty of paranoia, simply because that’s what is on the menu on New Globe Order Day A single.

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41 Responses

  1. There most definitely is a NWO although Alex Jones calls it 'Globalism' when what he really means is 'Zionism' or 'International Jewry' who by far is the biggest threat to humanity currently. Is it really anti-semitic to say these people control the Federal Reserve, Finance, Media, Hollywood and Politics? Try getting elected with the necessary campaign contributions and media coverage. It's impossible, we don't live in a Democracy, the same people control the left and right paradigm. It's the illusion of choice.

    The New World Order will make it's move after the monetary collapse which could theoretically even cause a world war. As ridiculous as i think these people are and their future world order i think we have other things to worry about such as Zionist influence in the United States and possibility of a war with Iran which Israel claims has Nuclear weapons(the same claims they made about Iraq) which of course would theoretically draw China and Russia into the conflict resulting in a global war.

  2. jmoney Banks says:

    You all will be sorry, Alex is the truth man!

  3. He's really not well mentally. To think, this is the kind of mental illness that DJT follows for information.

  4. dystopiais very popular.

  5. Alex jones is definitely smoking moon rocks.

  6. cjknox1973 says:


  7. freshair3451 says:

    On the lighter side…Sam Seder is one sexy man.

  8. freshair3451 says:

    Jones needs to die.

  9. …the "conveyer belt" was in the movie "Soylent Green"{one of Alex Jones sources for his fictional narrative.}…..

  10. spumemonk11 says:

    Do people still take this fool seriously? Alex Jones, ''The most paranoid man in America''.

  11. Alex Jones is the most delusional person I have ever come across

  12. I'm a NWO contracted game developer, AMA

  13. I must say, a couple of months in and so far I like the New World Order. Keep up the good work!

  14. Tiny Tim says:

    Like Sam once said in another clip. "If Alex Jones isn't a complete lunatic I'd be more worried "…he is a lunatic

  15. sam buck says:

    I tough the was pro gun….. I can't bare arms in a game?

  16. sam buck says:


  17. sam buck says:

    I love the Alex jones vids that Sam does…… Good laughs.lmao

  18. John Sheehan says:

    Please take your little blue pill Alex

  19. Idiot Alex Jones is a nut-job and serial liar. And orange twat Drumpf supports this guy. Pathetic.

  20. Alex jones is pretending to be insane and this is one of donald trump's advisers. HE NEEDS TO TAKE SOME THOSE IODINE DROPS HE SELLS. i THINK HE IS JOKING. If he is worried he would be eaten first becuase of his weight then, he needs to go to the gym.

  21. gspendlove says:

    As a member of the New World Order, I would like to say: Yes, we're trying to silence Alex Jones, but we're just up to our ears in work right now. We know how much you hate listening to him talk, but we've got FEMA camps to build, black helicopters to repair, airplanes to load up with chemicals, Donald Trump to murder and Glenn Beck to frame for it. We're swamped!

  22. Patrick H says:

    The darkest timeline. Hahaha

  23. that was fucking hilarious, Sam that is quite the impression! I could listen to that all day….ahhahaahahahahah

  24. Alex Jones has done way too much drugs in his lifetime

  25. AJ says:

    Alex Jones should stop eating people so soon after they do cocaine.

  26. 45asunder1 says:

    when they were passing out brains, you thought they said train so you g…………….

  27. this guy needs to have sex for the first time in his life,rather then do this sucky ass show.

  28. too bad you cant see it but its been happening…step by step…slowly and under cover so you wont notice and fight back and you falling for it…one by one our rights are being taken away…non americans are allowed to flood us bypassing our laws…invasion of privacy for our own safety…and we fell for it and make fun of those that try to inform us…

  29. You can literally see when his brain phases in and out of existence. It's in his eyes.


  31. Alex the corpserataton FOOL

  32. Fuck you and ur jewish show u son of a filthy cum drenched whore…Fuck You Jew

  33. I never find it funny when someone does an impression of someone else in such a way as to belittle them. If you don't agree with him, fine…but you don't have to go out of your way to make your point.

  34. If all of yall really think nWo is not real yall are stupider then yall look….

  35. While I do not agree with alex jones on everything
    ,he is right on alot of stuff that has come true.. All are a bunch of libtards who will lead blindly the rest of the sheeple off of the cliff.. Well go ahead get chiped and surrender your soul to the elites! The elites do exist! Anybody with a half brain would realize that. There is some bad shit coming and if your not awake, it will be to late by then! SO ALL HAVE FUN LIVING IN YOUR UNICORN, PONYS AND RAINBOW WORLD OF UTOPIA! screw that, im awake and ready for whats coming!

  36. Gary Doran says:

    go f&*k yourself dude…can you say your mad because your not like him…your a damn joke

  37. P-A Cormier says:


  38. This guy has been saying the same thing for 20 years and I'm still allowed to walk around without soldiers breathing down my neck. Where they at, tho?

  39. seb charb says:

    This show is for the weak minded

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