Alien Images Found In Ancient Stone Sphere

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The stone spheres of Costa Rica are old. Very old. It’s said an ancient, mysterious culture crafted them in a lost and forgotten Age. Why and how the giant stone spheres were created has remained unknown for thousands of years. Now the only remaining artifacts of this unnamed and unknown people are yielding amazing and disturbing images of temples, gods and extraterrestrial overlords. Thanks to the remarkable technology of 3D Fractal Resolution Imaging (FRI), the secrets of the stones have been unlocked. What’s revealed are astounding revelations that redefines the prehistoric heirarchy of Mankind’s place in the universe.

The stone spheres are silent, remaining mute through the ages. What secrets do they hold? Research into their origin has so far proved fruitless.

A stone sphere like this one can weigh up to 16 tons

Yet some people, the wise and spiritual shamans, sense the mysterious stones hold great secrets. The mysteries buried within the hearts of the spheres might contain sublime revelations and expose the knowledge of their ancient past.

Mystics spoke of other spheres in other lands. They saw strange stone sentinels resting on plains of verdant green, or sitting together on the desolate coastlines by windswept seas.

Visions come in dreams revealing images of Truth. More spheres were discovered. Like the spheres of Coasta Rica, the strange spheres of Bosnia, Peru, Mexico, and New Zealand confound geologists and archaelogists.

A solitary sphere also rests in a sacred place on Easter Island.

Many stones were discovered in the Diquis Delta [Randal Carvajal]

Mystery of the spheres

In Costa Rica the spheres are called the Diquis Spheres (locally Esferas) and claimed by John Hoopes, a University of Kansas associate professor of anthropology, to be between 500 to 3,500 years old. Almost all are composed of granodiorite, a hard, igneous stone.

Hoopes bases the age of the pre-Columbian spheres on a number of factors, including the discovery of a small statue under one of the stone balls. The statue is dated to less than 1,000 years. Although the stone sphere rested upon the statue, the sphere could easily have been rolled onto it. It’s not a very accurate method to deduce the age of the stones.

A fabled Stone of Zavidovici in Bosnia

In Bosnia the spheres are called the Stones of Zavidovici. Like the Diquis Spheres they are also composed of grandiorite. No one knows the age of the Bosnian spheres, although they were discovered near the Valley of the Pyramids so may be as old as 10,000 to 20,000 years.

Stone spheres are found in the Valley of the Pyramids

If the Costa Rican spheres were created about the same time as the ones located in Bosnia, then they might also be very ancient, as old as 10,000 or more years.

A group of the Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand

In New Zealand the spheres are called the Moeraki Boulders and said to be as much as 60 million years old. Unlike the Costa Rica and Bosnian spheres, the New Zealand stones are made of calcium carbonate and they may be natural. One theory claims they might have formed from gigantic lightning strikes. They’re found along the coast.

Revolutionary 3D FRI process exposes the spheres’ secrets

The following images have been harvested from the Diquis Sphere by the 3D Fractal Resolution Imaging process. For more on the process and how it works, see the Before It’s News articles Incredible Multi-Dimensional Alien Images Discovered and Mysterious Crop Circle Codes Finally Cracked.

Images are all courtesy of explorer and intrepid researcher C. Kitze.

Subject Diquis Sphere sitting on lawn of a public park in Costa Rica

Subject Diquis Sphere undergoing image processing

The incredible Ancient Warlord

Greeting of the Shaman

Celestial Masters

Orb of the Underworld

Face of the Star KIng

Spirit of the Insects

The Temple of the Old Ones

Rise of the Sumerian Fish God

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    Looks totally legit

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    This is sad to see how blatantly bad these pics are.

  3. RodT May 8, 2012 at 6:31 pm - Reply

    This is a hoax. The images are all mirrored down a central line (see the background). This is a blatant and deliberate effort to confuse the research, obfuscate the facts and give alternative researchers a bad name. Shame on you for posting this crap. The Costa Rica Stone Balls are mysterious enough without having to add further conspiracy.

    • LookUp May 24, 2012 at 12:44 am - Reply

      agreed! you can easily tell it’s mirrored images.

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