Alien Mind Control – The UFO Enigma – Full Documentary (FULL HD)


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  1. what would happened if tomorrow one of ourt sattelittesĀ  found another planet how would we make contact?

  2. I have flown in my dreams also and until I watched this video I thought it was just a dream I had a really crappy life and I would lay out in the grass and call out to s pace and say please come get me I don't want to stay here so did they come and take me flying ??? it was absolutely real and a big part of my life …. I thought I was just nuts

  3. Hugh Murray says:

    i watched two of these and my phone rang and i froze and i picked up the phone and sayed hello and it was my dad but i was so scared jesus
    plus i do believe in aliens and ufos

  4. Kurt says:

    Men in Black !!
    You just protect thieves ? Both of two USA music company which stole my music still no reply !!
    Don't fake you don't know !! You did !! You never do rightful affair .
    You are my mortal enemy now !!
    The only thing you can do is murder innocent people and protect your stupid secret .
    Who care about your secret ? You just a crowd of aberrant personality .
    Just like your Lord !! Your Lord is a most abnormal mentality soul in the universe .
    So~~~~he be sewed on the cross two thousand years ago!! It's your biggest secret !!
    You wanna protect this secret ?? Kill me !! If you can .
    Could it be that you only can kill weak people? Or you only can pick on someone your own size!
    About me ~~~~~~you fear for killing me ?
    I will publish your secret every week , if you wanna stop it ~~~come on !!
    I'm here !! I awaiting Men in Black !!

    Everybody !! If you see my literary works~~~~~it's express that Men in Black cannot kill me !
    They just a crowd of abnormal mentality ~~~~just like their Lord !
    Let's despise Men in Black together !

  5. T H Chen says:


  6. crab people thats all they are

  7. Tim DeVoe says:

    In 1973, my brother Steve & two friends, Wally & Jane, went looking for a disappearing Lady hitchhiker on route 26 that was reported by 11 different people in the Lewiston Maine Sun Journal newspaper-On our fifth day of searching we had just turned onto the Poland Corner road when we had a long school bus sized object with pitch black square windows followed us just above the driver's side at 50 Mph and it took a quick sharp left hand turn over Middle Rang pond across the road from the Poland Springs hotel which was on our right side of the road. We turned around at the Oxford Plains Speedway and headed back towards Grey, Maine and never made it that far as when we reached the route 26 Shaker Village area, we stopped at the intersection of the Outlet and Shaker Woods roads. The bright orange UFO was waiting for us right there in the front beginning of the apple orchid and we were not able to go home until the next morning. All four of us got very sick with sore eyes and lungs and bloody noses.

  8. Kurt says:

    Jackals always Jackals ,the character of Men in black always like Jackals .
    They assassinate innocent people just because of keeping their stupid secret !
    Men in black and their Lord ~~~~~their character~~~~smell like shit !
    They never play fair ,they always do shameful actions .
    Men in black always use despicable trick . They don't know what is justice .
    Men in black only know plot against innocent people.

    Everybody !! Look !
    If Men in black have no power to murder ~~~~~if you despise them !?

    Two USA music company stole my music .
    If they still no reply Monday ~~~~~don't cheat me !!
    It must you do ~~~~
    Men in Black is my mortal enemy !!

  9. I like Your Report My Friend

  10. the first guy I had same encounter with three people on LBI NJ around same time. orb came from South then got over us. split in two and went in two different directions

  11. all this made me trip out i have experience alot of similar things this people talked about is this normal or are there more people that have gone thru this??

  12. rainangle says:

    shite,,proper shite,,,,

  13. Dr. Greer is a Dumb Shit.

  14. Steven Davis says:

    It's all nonsense , , delusion of grandiose I'm afraid .

  15. The human brain has to be a sort of quantum entanglement transceiver, with a capacity for holding almost unlimited information packages. Maybe the 'aliens' are using the human race as biological computers for storage, or to use us as a troubleshooting species to solve problems within our subconscious/conscious state. It is truly mind blowing, the phenomenon is largely connected to this planet and our species, the evidence seems to suggest that they are indeed us. Of course, there does also appear to be a kind of religious zeal going on.

  16. JEDI Tavis says:

    The Universe is just way way too BIG!!!, for all Non-Human life to be Evil or Demonic!!!!! I can agree that Some ETs are EVIL, but that is true for Humans here on earth too. Humans are Evil Siiners according to The same BIBLE THUMPERS that keep claiming ALL ETs ate Demon, that Jesus spoke of……. I think he was Speaking of the DracoReptillians who created an control? The GRAYS. That still means their are ETs that are GOOD!!! The UNIVERSE is just too Big and FULL of LIFE!!!!!
    Unless your a FLATEARTH LAME!!! then even the moon and stars are Fake….Fucking LAME!!!!!!!
    I just hope the Grays take them for Lizerd food. LOL!

  17. Webgurl says:

    Imminent not eminent

  18. Delisle4 says:

    Excellent film. Well done. I like that way in which the "experiencers" are treated with respect.

  19. I've also seen a green lit one on a creepy interstate with no other cars in Cartersville GA. I was terrified just because I was the only one on the road, it wasn't close or anything but I had a bad feeling. My sister also saw a closers green one with her friend and she started crying haha. well it's funny after the fact but me being terrified of a far away one I guess I would cry if it was close and following my car… meh. It's cool to talk about but not when u experience it for yourself

  20. One time on GA 575 I saw a cigar shaped ufo in broad daylight above the treeline. It was aluminium foil colored cigar case shaped- not the shiney side- with a black stripe down the middle. I was on the phone and freaking out cause it had no propellers or Windows or strings or anything and I was describing it to my ex on the phone. I looked around at the other drivers to kinda see if anyone else saw it but they were all looking straight. It was so freaking wierd. And of course my phone pics were full so I couldn't take a picture even if I had time to. It was a sucky feeling. Plus I was so shocked anyway. Anyone else?

  21. Confusing, I only ever had one sighting in over thirty years of flying. Then after I started asking to see them I've had several, all while on the ground. All I can figure is …….I have a lot to learn. One thing I've decided about aliens/UFO's, the public doesn't want to know. Very revealing evidence sometimes is presented and yet the next day people act as though they've never heard a thing? Only when the government says it's real will the world accept it.

  22. Dying Fox says:

    If you are here to utalize this comment's section to suck Jesus's dick, may you please save us your arrogance and attitude?

  23. Jam187 says:

    They are jinn they are made of smokeless fire, got free will, live in parallel dimension, powers like fast travel and change shape for periods. are behind all the paranormal from aliens, ghost to black magic etc.Satan is from evil side of jinn their main goal is to promote polytheism eg paganism, idol worship, calling upon dead, saints, prophets, angels etc all prophets were sent to promote monotheism the oness of God.

  24. mike white says:

    They should have got the UFO to beam them to the nuthouse when they were controlling that UFO with their mind

  25. Satan operating through the global elite and the corrupt Catholic Church will
    use UFOS and "aliens " who are really demons to usher in NWO and the
    Antichrist . This is the end times deception Jesus was warning us about.
    The rapture is near "abductions" will be used as the excuse why so many
    go missing.

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