Aliens & UFO Killing Humans HD Documentaries || Best UFO Documentary Film


Aliens & UFO Killing Human beings Hd Documentaries || Very best UFO Documentary Film.

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  2. DK 4Life says:

    thumbnail turns me on

  3. marjamada says:

    This is how to get maximum THUMBS DOWN. Clickbait thumbnail that has nothing to do with the content.

  4. Daja Harris says:

    no fear our nuclear bomb will do the trick

  5. Capital G says:

    this is so real I witness it

  6. Last 3 months my backyard I seen every night unknown light object I don't no what is that, so stretch because I feel it seems like watch us..

  7. lmactanssc2 says:

    dislike because the amount of advertisements is just fucking ridiculous. good show.

  8. Romen Catholic Church and the jews are the killers if Yahushua " Jesus Christ. and these native American Indians, you call mexicans are catholic because that's the religion that Concord them..
    like Christianity Concord American Indians and Exterminated us…

  9. LEO SYLVA says:

    uiaaa os gringos dublando a gente hehehe,, tem mais algum br aki ??

  10. Sean Barr says:

    you need t change the thumbnail, very sick picture

  11. RaGe XSLS23x says:

    And this is why we stay away from conspiracy theorists. They are weird.

  12. RaGe XSLS23x says:

    Actually, no they don't kill. they just run a few simple tests and send you back down. Do your research. Anyone ever hear of the couple that was abducted back in the late 1900's? They went out for dinner and they saw something suspicious and went towards it and got abducted. They returned safely with little memories from the experience they had. A few days later they went to a hypnosis person. And one said she had asked where the alien lived and the alien said they lived in some sort of constellation they alien had also showed said lady a map of thenconstellation they are from.

  13. your thumb nail made me have ptsd?

  14. Dion Francis says:

    Fuck, I came here for that thumbnail pic…really disappointed.

  15. Mi6Bagpuss says:

    this is blatent propaganda.

  16. Raksmey Chan says:

    that donual trump he come for the Mexican.

  17. Very interesting. Video here,,,,

  18. Very strsnge gappenings here? Wgstscthevtruth??,,

  19. Neil Robert says:

    we are lied to our whole life the earth is hollow aliens are real

  20. Sammy Rivera says:

    In the image, God made man and woman, and he put his spirit in them so they can walk, talk, breath air, see right through there eyes, to think from the mind, they want to fool you, they hidden the information from you for years, trying to hide it from you, so you can say, wait there are Aliens from out of space, and they go to third world countries to fly, there UFO'S, because they think, they are not smart at all, so they hid, the UFO'S, from you, to make you think, that there is real Flying UFO'S from out of space, The enemy works for Satan the Devil, it is designed to fool you, look "( Luke chapter 21:26) read that ??? all you wicked evil Government will burn in Hell for ever and ever,

    Repent Repent Repent Repent Repent Repent Repent Re

  21. Sammy Rivera says:

    they work so many years and thousands of years to develop this new technology is to deceive the whole world and digging those aliens from outer space when there is nothing like that at all

  22. Sammy Rivera says:

    is all man-made thousands of years developing this new technology from entities

  23. Sammy Rivera says:

    they using a gigantic laser on top of the Moon beaming it down to the planet Earth

  24. Sammy Rivera says:

    gigantic projector on the moon

  25. Sammy Rivera says:

    gigantic screen in space

  26. Sammy Rivera says:

    they using a gigantic screen in Spanish when a giant projector and the Moon and they focus it on the screen

  27. Alright… All Alien Articles And Artworks Are Actually Amateur Actors Attributing Anal Arguments Arranged Across An Amazing Array, Always Analyzing Avid Answers Allowing Almost All Anti-Actual Assholes Aboard An Awkward Airing, Amplifying Antagonistic Affairs And Applying Appalling Acts……………Because………Basically, Before Being Bored Brainless, Benevolence Becomes Beaten, Battered Bad By Bone-Breaking Bullshit, Commonly Causing Chaos Created Constantly, Confusing Casual Citizens. Can Calamities Connecting Crazy Concepts Creep Calmly, Consequently Cracking Cranial Crevices? Definitely Dude! Don't Do Drugs! Dare Dim Down Dedicating Definitions, Directly Denouncing Dumbasses Daily, Draining Damned Devils Dry. Editors Every Effort Eventually Eradicates Earths' Elegance, Entangled Emotionally, Etching Everlasting Energies, Especially Entertaining Except Eminently Eroded. For Fuck Fakes! Frivolous Flattery Flattening Flying Formations. Forwarding Frequencies Finding Feeble Facts From Fictional, Far-Fetched Fantasies. Great Grandfather God Gives Grays Generous Grace, Growing Gregarious, Gorgeous Games. Have Happenings Happened Here?? How Humans Hurt, Hence Hurtling Harmful Hope, Horrendously Harrowed His Hindsight, Horrifically Harrowed Her Hindsight. Intelligence Is In Impeccable Imagination. Instances Intriguing Illuminati Idiots. Isn't It Interesting?? Jesus Joked Joyfully, Justifying Judgement, Kindly Killing Kooky Kinfolk. Let's Let Living Lies Lead Limp Losers' Lowering Lifelines. Maybe Man Must Meet Mr Mars. No. Not Now. Never. Oh Occupants. Ominous Opulence Obliterates Ongoing Obviousness. Part Political Propaganda Propping Prerequisite Powers, Providing Profit Purposes. Queens' Quests Questioned. Quote: "Reinforce Reality Relentlessly". Some Stuff Seems So Stupid Sometimes. Simply Savages. Space Surfers Solemnly Swear Speculative Support, Segregating Sanity So Scientific Samples Still Suffice. There. That's That. This Terminates Truth. Tantalizing Time. Unidentified Umbrellas Under Uranus. Venomous Ventriloquists Verifying Vague, Vile Vouches. Who?? What?? When?? Where?? Why?????????????????????????????????????? X-Men. Yeah. Zzz

  28. Kelly Balli says:

    what about area 51

  29. I almost had a hart attack from the thumbnail

  30. P van H says:

    Alien visitors are here and have been for many years. There are different groups of races visiting this planet.
    However do not think for a second that they are here to help us in any way. Most races if not all that are visiting our planet were born in sterrile environments and barren worlds. Our beautiful planet is then very valuable for its rich biological resources.

    That is why they are here, for the resources this beautiful planet has. They cannot establish themselves here on the surface however, for our biological diverse planet is a very hazardous environment for them. To fully establish themselves here they need the help of humanity and the infrastructure of this planet. They use manipulation in the mental environment to change the way people think and behave, to basically turn individuals and groups of people into a workforce for them to use.
    This pacification program they use is very effective, but can be resisted with the proper preparations.

    There is an intervention occurring in the world by visitors from beyond our planet. They are here and not for our benefit.
    Do not believe they are here to help us, no matter what they may promise or give you, if you are being contacted.

    Our planet and race is on the brink of entering the greater community of intelligent life. This is the greatest challenge and threshold our race and every race will ever have to face. And every race that is on this important turning point will have to face an intervention like we are seeing here today. This is inevitable. This is realy a very great challenge but it also brings great oppertunity. It will be the greatest oppertunity to finally become unified as a race and secure our planet and freedom.

    We can resist this intervention and pacification program. The first step is to become aware of what is happening.. and it IS happening. People need to wake up and see the reality of what is happening. We realy are being visited. We are being manipulated by these forces and we can resist this and overcome this.

    Wake up. This is todays reality. It will be very difficult for many people to accept at first, if at all, but we need to become aware of this. This is the truth.

  31. Kenia Simone says:

    quero saber se essa reportagem n tem em português.n entendi cause nada

  32. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

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