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Connection to Illuminati messages in IN TIME(2011)


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  1. EXPOSE HIM says:

    Bro, were is the evidence. C'mon u need evidence for shit like this. All this is are famous people that you randomly chose like Bob marly,…really or Dr. Dre…(smh). And don't even get me started when you mention 2pac or the damn POPE!!!!

  2. Alias Keule says:

    man bob has a free soul!!

  3. Jason Mcneil says:

    these people been sold out it's just that what happens in tha dark comes to tha light and tha sad part about it is we looked up to them and wanted to be like them and they was soldless that whole time before careful who you follow

  4. no its exposed all the so called fake celebrity's acting like puppets for the illuminati brain washing all the young people with garbage it's time people wake up 2 this bullshit and start rebelling against such nonsense being showing to kids around the world

  5. bob Marley ain't Illuminati member

  6. Why the fuck did you put pretty music in this vid????

  7. c ankhovich says:

    see: donald marshall

  8. Graeme Mcvie says:

    you lost be at BOB MARLEY… really ? c'mon

  9. yeah when they get out of line they pulled the old MKUltra on them. And if that doesn't work they have early deaths, accidental overdoses or so-called suicides.

  10. it's not surprising at all. It's just sad though but why wouldn't Satan take the best and most beautiful the most talented who are also your most greedy and selfish and power-hungry. I bet you could drop a pin in the Hollywood La phone book and not be able to find someone untouched by the Illuminati and making money. those who have died too early or also on the list of those who have turned against Satan or the Illuminati same thing and there will be more. God save their souls they know not they have done.

  11. Bob Marley hard to believe… but what about George Clooney and his wife or Richard Geere, (only a few month ago, they were visiting the German Cancellor ANGELA MERKEL in Berlin at the BUNDESKANZLERAMT) CHEERIO, sucking Illuminati (who are not illuminated at all!!!)

  12. Fun Family says:

    Its bout time all the puppets get unbrain washed

  13. Fun Family says:

    I'm gunna run for president 1 day and arrest the ppl in illuminati and shut that thing down!!! I could do it u can't imagine what I would do to shut that down so don't say I won't like this if u agree

  14. Zeke Dimmick says:


  15. Sage Brush says:

    Bob Marley is a BIG NEGATIVE on this list buddy.

  16. Hunter Elite says:

    Illuminate as the devils is eternity in torment

  17. Wait what george washingtion sold his soul to the devil

  18. I Priscilla will follow JESUS CHRIST all time.

  19. Melanie Martínez is a illuminati membet

  20. Lebron is not the illuminati member

  21. and I am already rich because I have the Lord in my heart

  22. chloe vogurt says:

    omg cypress hill ….

  23. Get your facts right Aaliyah was never in the illuminati they asked her and she said no multiples of times hence why she never one a Grammy u idiot so they killed her because she said no

  24. Elsa Marku says:

    no dont tell me celine dion is illuminati i will get a heart atac if this is true

  25. some of these i understand. but queen elizabeth, bob marley, kobe and lebron? for The Pope, you put Jewish Satanist. And if u were wondering, no, its not possible to be a Jewish satanist

  26. Be illuminated not terminated

  27. Pedro Bambi says:

    They deceive people.

  28. D. H. says:

    Roy B fagan and Musique soul child

  29. You made a list. But where is the proof behind this????

  30. Msp cosplays says:

    Now is the time to kick the devils ass bad (; Yes satan created the illuminati and he took it tooooooo far (;

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