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Are you a #Satanist? – The 4 Tenets of Satanism:

Self Preservation
Moral Relativism
Social Darwinism

1) “It has nothing to do with the Christian notion of the devil. Satanism has 4 main tenets or overarching principles of belief. And that is that self-preservation is the highest goal. And you should do whatever you can to advance your personal power and influence in the world no matter who you really have to walk all over, step on, or hurt to get what you want. That’s really the number one tenet and if you look at society most of society is stuck in that cut-throat, dog-eat-dog, mentality.”

2) “Moral relativism is the second major tenet which is that there is really no such thing as objective standards of right and wrong behavior. That we as human beings can get to decide upon our whims what right and wrong are and base our actions accordingly. And if you look at most of society I would say more people than not are moral relativists than moral objectivists who think that there is an objective standard of right and wrong behavior. So that’s also very pervasive in society.”

3) “The Third major tenet is social darwinism, the idea that the most ruthless in society have some sort of a predetermined idea or pre-destined right to basically rule over everybody else in society because their genetics got them there, and made them fit for rulership. And many people will actually think like that and think that that’s ok, that that’s just the natural order or the way things are. You know, and so that’s also very pervasive in our society.”

4) “And finally the 4th main pillar of Satanism is eugenics, the idea that there are those who are socially fit to rule, and they’re the fittest in society and therefore they’ve come out on top and they’re ruling the roost, well they can get to decide who basically propagates their genes and who does not, or in other words, who gets to live and who dies. Who must die.” Mark Passio http://www.whatonearthishappening.com/

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