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For the first time in 42 years, a camera enters Southern Libya in what was forbidden territory under the Gaddafi regime. Shortly after Gaddafi’s demise, we …


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  1. These are the real and original Libyans unlike their mixed brothers in the north

  2. guleet says:

    you are not Libyans you dumb negroes !

  3. Tebu were given the cold shoulder by the former Libyan Government for their support of Hissene Habre during the war against Chad. just some context.

  4. r .ra says:

    no oil for the west ever again

  5. berber-tuareg-toubou people are true native of libyan.

  6. Nimal Costa says:

    yeah… now enjoy your "made in USA" democracy with ISIS you fools… LMAO

  7. mike jones says:

    It is a fact that Arab Libyans hate black people.

  8. brokkenstar says:

    Call Nato they'll be right there to help you. This report needs to be seriously updated, because if things were bad under Gaddafi, what are they like now?

  9. AM El Madani says:

    1 hour 23 minutes of what would be most likely, if not close to, state-sponsored french propaganda. This is typical of a french journalist who is tasked to merely discredit the Libyan nation and it's achievements as one of the youngest developing countries in the world, by selecting a few ill-informed individuals who clearly lack both education and good hygiene, and recognise them as official representatives and bear them the responsibility of giving facts about particular topics that they are not qualified to answer, that they themselves do not know what to say other than go by the status quo and by the sponsored notion that Gaddafi is to blame for their demise.

    It is evident that this french journalist/opportunist has tried to do this, by recognising a runaway culprit who proclaimed himself a foreign affairs official/smuggler/runaway/border guard to state some secret facts about the Libyan desert under Gaddafi? This documentary is grim and is utterly discomforting and false and is very bias, as a Libyan I am disgusted. I am indeed angry at how 48 countries found it convenient amongst themselves to enter Libya's very core and obliterate it's infrastructure and decimate it's youth in order to rob the nation of its wealth and pillage it's billions inside and abroad. (I can talk trivially about the grand conspiracy that has been played on Libya, but I'll leave that for another rant)

    May all those who participated in the destruction of our homeland, perish into the dark abyss… and may they be poisoned by the loot that they have purloined and may we be cleansed from their barbaric imperial treachery that they have bestowed on us and the many nations like us. Ameen.




  10. Buba Darboe says:

    this people they are all mafias, Gaddafi is a hero

  11. this is America Propaganda guaranteed

  12. the fucking American dogs destroyed the african great country

  13. I thou lybians had whiter skin judging throu gaddaffi not bein racist just courios?

  14. what a bloody mess all this for greed , oil , oil to inslave the people bye putting in a private central banking system bye these evil familys be hide all this bloody suffering

  15. Does anyone know of any documentary that shows libyan war footage from the pro-Gaddafi forces army's perspective?

  16. LordLebu says:

    my god the fucking USA completely ruined the nation.

  17. u are fools now u see your country look like

  18. this people's they are very wicked they are blacks but they hate there fellos

  19. Where did the more then 1 million immigrants  come from and how did they get to Tripoli or where ever the stay to go to Europe? Now they only have to hit the water at any beach and right away the get picked up and brought to Italy. From their they go to Germoney or Germany, maybe France and over their the have too many already and all of them claim asyl even people from Marocco. NOT funny, its a big, big problem. Part of the problem is the Islam.

  20. samain11 says:

    First time in 42 years my arse, forbidden territory my arse. I worked that region on a Schlumberger seismic crew all through the late 90's. I even saw an expedition from the Landrover Club of Italy touring the Idhan Murzuk. Bloody journo's always looking for a scoop.

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