Alternate Future of Europe Episode 10 World War 3


Welcome back to AFOE Episode 10, Hope you Enjoy. Graphics and editing done by me! Subscribe, Never miss a video▻ Alternate Nations …



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  1. Noooo. May Germany rise again.

  2. it was clear.. always germany losing..

  3. UpZet Brainz says:

    poor Iceland, never gets to hang out with the cool guys

  4. UpZet Brainz says:

    If WW4 happens in this AFOE, they and Svenska should be the good guys plus some that almost never are important for an AFOE while UK, France and Iceland might be the bad guys

  5. loved the video man and how often to you upload?

  6. It's nice to see ,,Russian empire" instead the bad ,,Soviet Union";)

  7. someone said you should fix the German Borders.. well you did :D

  8. Plz make bulgaria independent

  9. Are you going to make episode #15?

  10. Alex Kahal says:

    Can you make Armenian rebels come out of Azerbaijan and it becomes Armenia and Russia give land to Armenia and Armenia takes over UAR and Persian republic and The country above Azerbaijan in this episode.
    Can all of this happen in next episode?

    Also I love your videos m8

  11. Telis Mama says:

    for last episode is good

  12. great video can yo unify the ibirian peninsula under a prtoges/spanish commonwealth

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