Alternative Wars – World War 3 (1961) – Part 2




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  1. Creepy Atom says:

    I think you should have said what are the new countries names (splitted France,etc…)

  2. EnryTheGamer says:

    Is part 3, no part 2

  3. Firebrass11 says:

    So good 😀

    256 views of as now and 1,558 subs.

  4. Borsi Mapper says:

    to what nation belongs sicily Now?


  6. umm……. America wins everything! no matter the case. (unless against canada)

  7. The Ultimate says:

    thank you man a lot of channels have usa victory but you made ussr bictory

  8. Good video! And thanks for making Switzerland neutral.

  9. 1.Name of the new countries that created during the video:

    South France – The Free French State
    North France – The Pepole's Republic of Rennes
    Saarland – The Pepole's Republic of Saarland
    Luxembourg – The Federal Republic of Luxembourg – Loraine
    Germany – The Socialist Pepole's Republic of Prusso-Germania
    Bavaria – Bavarian Pepole's Republic
    Serbia – The Serbian Republic
    Montanegro- The Republic of Montanegro
    Croatia- The Croatian Democratic Republic
    Slovenia – The Slovenian Democratic Republic
    Albania – Pepole's Greater State of Albania
    Sweden – The Pepole's Republic of Greater Sweden
    Denmark – The Republic of Denmark
    Austria – The Austro-Venetian Communist Republic
    Italy – The Italian Pepoles Republic
    Tunisia – The Tunisian Republic of Chartage
    North Greece- The Greek Pepole's Republic of Macedon

    2. To all the turks : INSTANBUL IS STILL PART OF TURKEY

    3. Changes in the borders all around the globe :

    China – Annex Hong Kong , Macao , Northern Myanmar , Kashmir

    India – Lost Kashmir, but unite with Pakistan into the Mughal Communowelth

    Canada – Had to grand independence to Quebec

    United States – Had to give Alaska to the USSR. grand indendepnce to California. Lost some southern territories to Mexico.

    Iceland – Annexed by Sweden

    Greenland – Annexed by the USA

    Vietnam – Annex South Vietnam. unite with Laos into the Pepole's Republic of Fujan

    DPRK – Annex South Korea and gain all Japan's islands that are 30 km from the 4 main Japanese islands

    Thailand – cede northern land to Fujan

    East Bangaladesh will become colony of the UK.

    UK will annex Newfoundland and the island of Lavrador from Canada

    The Philiphines will rejoin the USA

    Mughal Communowelth will annex Kuwait

    4. New Colonies gained during the war :

    The USA : Greenland, Philiphines
    The UK : Bangaladesh , Lybia, Madagaskar
    Macedon : Cyprus
    Mughal Communowelth : Kuwait

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