altNews: Franz Ferdinand Moment? World War 3 in Sight | 12.19.2016


It looks like we may be witnessing shit starting to hit the fan. The Russian ambassador shooting appears to be a blatant false flag and Germany is “under attack” …


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  1. bahaha so stupid. that's the only person he shot. what a terrible terrorist

  2. it's a psy op
    no blood
    and why are they still filming
    wouldn't they be running for their lives

  3. Shoni B. says:

    Supposedly shot the ambassador 8-9 times, but zero blood around the body??? Not enough face, not enough palm.

  4. Will Rueb says:

    What did the shooter say? All of you vampire? Some of you vampire? One of you vampire? This shit was batty as a three testicled frog under the anartic ice.

    On another point, Clarissa Ward fine as fuck. She's got that American with French and Dutch heritage schooled in Great Britain thing going on. mmm.

  5. it's one psyop after another I can't keep up

  6. I don't see any shell casings on the floor, do you? I counted 9 shots, there should be 9 casings on the floor.

  7. You say it's hard to kill people. HOW WOULD YOU KNOW THAT!

  8. iph you're right about this all being virtual. these phake deth's would make more sense. In a physical reality, it's just not computing that aj is bh. but imo you really shouldn't mix these more speculative hoaxes with the certainly real (crisis events) because it taints them/

  9. jones has always been controlled op…i thought that was established.

  10. Glenn Hayes says:

    The acting in this is even worse than the false flag Jo Cox 'murder' by yet another lone gunman working for the so called far right during the Brexit referendum. Here come the nukes I guess :-(

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