Amabo Alien Supreme Leader



                                                            Amabo Alien Supreme Chief

    As we enjoy our new president bring jointly The us with all the rite solutions, we speculate exactly where this savior came from. Then we enjoy as he recruits the earth 1 nation at a time placing the stage to be the initially Global Chief.  We all hail the accomplishments and just consider we are witnessing a nice guy with ethical standing for a change in the political arena.  I for 1 am glad to see we are ultimately getting into the End of Moments scenario and we have chosen a Hybrid Alien American to try the unification of the earth.

    The spell is getting solid as he visits the earth leaders 1 nation at a time supplying the legitimate possibility of peace on earth.  As we will soon see the types that do not go alongside with this strategy will face grave outcomes. The earth will soon drop in line and all will be joyful to finally have Peace and Unity in the earth, following of course it erupts into complete chaos.

    Initially there will be many nations around the world that will detect with his intent and get on board with his strategy. Then there will be thou’s that only think in their way of daily life and will not compromise.  Soon there will be Global cooperation to wage war on thou’s nations around the world or person teams that keep on to trigger friction in the Global peace motion.  As the earth removes the opposition to word peace, war will be the outcome. Not just war as we have observed in the previous but all out nuclear destruction. The price for peace will be very substantial but it will be observed as justified. In the finish the earth will think they have finished the rite thing and Global Unity will be in web page.

    Some time all through these activities the earth will start out progressing via its cycle of rejuvenating and rebirth. In this procedure the full earth will recognize that combating with just about every other has diverted our awareness from getting capable to help save ourselves from what our ancestors have explained to us was likely to materialize all alongside.  Because we people are unable to get alongside we ended up unable to help save the masses from complete destruction.  All in the name of World unity and Peace on earth.

William Martin

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