America Lives to Fight Another Day


Dave Hodges

The American people just averted a major short-term disaster. Don’t pop the champagne corks, there is nothing to celebrate except that we live to fight another day with our declining dollar temporarily intact, but only for a very brief time.

America Lives to Fight Another Day

Let’s Make a Deal

In a new deal between Iran and the US, it now appears that Iran will be allowed to repatriate $4.2 billion in frozen assets. The agreement reached between the US and Iran will provide “incentives” for Iran as the US will pay $400 million for the tuition of Iranian students studying abroad. The agreement will also suspend sanctions against Iranian gold that it obtained through oil sales and made concessions to Iran’s auto industry.

While Iran will be allowed to buy and sell precious metals, most notably gold, it will be barred from accepting them as payment for oil. Iran sits on the world’s fourth-largest proven oil reserves.

The enormity of this agreement cannot be overstated. I am not one to praise this president, however, with one agreement, Obama has managed to TEMPORARILY save the dollar, avert WWIII and he saved his presidency in the process.

Obama appears to have saved the dollar by getting Iran to agree to not sell oil for gold. Long live the Petrodollar and the Obama presidency.

All we need now is for Neville Chamberlain to get off a plane and hold up a sheet of paper and state “that we have peace in our time”.  Today’s agreement forestalls martial law and WWIII, but does not stop it.

The Petrodollar

petrodollar scam

The existence of the Petrodollar, as unholy as the evil concept is, is the only reason that you have a job to go to this morning and why you still have a roof over your head. It is the only reason that we are not looking at the immediate implementation of martial law.

Over the past year, I have written extensively about how Obama was under enormous pressure to temporarily save the Petrodollar. The United States is in an unusual position in that it is the only country, except for Iceland, which has any tangible backing for its currency.

To purchase oil, a nation has traditionally had to buy Federal Reserve Notes and this has provided the only backing that the US currency has enjoyed since the depression. The international central bankers used this as a means to keep the dollar afloat so that the US could assume massive debt as we played the role of the world policeman and subjugated “uncooperative nations” and brought justice to their countries with a vengeance. If a country, such as Libya, refused to play ball with the central bankers and subject their people to servitude due to massive debt resulting from the use of a fiat currency, they got invaded based upon some phony made-up, moral-high ground excuse (e.g. Iraq twice, Libya). In these cases the leaders of the rebel nations were publicly executed. These same bankers have even executed US presidents for defying their international banking policies (e.g. JFK).

The bankers wanted war when Iran began to sell its oil to China, India and Russia. This prompted a standoff as the US postured to invade Syria and Iran. Putin outmaneuvered Obama, subsequently averting war, and the bankers retaliated by exposing no less than five Watergate type scandals which threatened to get Obama impeached (e.g. IRS spy scandal, NSA spy scandal, Fast and Furious, Benghazi). All of these impeachable events, all made public in a 10 day period in the corporate controlled main-stream media, served as a warning to Obama to get moving on saving the Petrodollar. Obama’s military leaders refused to support a reckless war against not only Syria and Iran, but China and Russia threatened to nuke us over our intentions.

Obama hunkered down in the face of the controversy and began looking for options to place this country under lockdown so that he could avoid facing impeachment. In order to save his presidency, Obama had very few options other than to launch a massive false flag attack, declare martial law and head off any Congressional investigations.

I wrote extensively about the period from September 25 through November 14, 2013 in which DHS and FEMA were conducting an unprecedented 10 disaster drills ranging from a cyber attack upon the banks to a simulated grid take-down drill. Each drill carried with it the potential for a false flag attack. Many in the alternative media were bracing for just such an event. The Boston Marathon bombing was a dress rehearsal for martial law.

The Case of the Missing Nuke

During the recent period when it looked like the Petrodollar was on its last legs as all of the BRIC nations threatened to forsake it in favor of gold for oil as martial law followed by WWIII was on the horizon. There were two major false flag events which were averted because of military insubordination. There was the case of the missing nuke in which a nuclear missile went missing from West Texas. Then Senator Lindsey Graham, in the most bizarre political statement of the year, stated that if we did not hurry up and attack Syria, then a nuclear bomb would go off in Charleston Harbor. I believe that this threat was real and Graham was deviating from the globalist script because he did not want his state nuked in a false flag attack.

The nuke detonation would no doubt have been linked back to Syria and Iran and would have provided the impetus for WWIII over Iran selling oil for gold and thus, undermining the dollar. Mysteriously, the nuke issue disappeared from the radar and then there were unconfirmed reports of a massive explosion in the Atlantic. Subsequently, the two heads of America’s nuclear program were summarily dismissed by Obama, only days apart. It looks like the heads of our nuclear program would not play ball with the intended false flag attack.

A Period of Consolidation

All parties have entered a period of consolidation. The crisis is not over. It is clear that the economic concessions that Obama has made to the Iranians are not sufficient enough to offset the Iranian loss of revenue from not being able to sell oil for gold to Russia, India and China. This agreement, however, will indeed lessen how much oil is sold in this fashion.

I look for Iran to continue the process of selling oil for gold, albeit on a much smaller scale, by using third parties and the black market. Therefore, what the accord between Iran and the US accomplishes is that it slows the rate of decline of the dollar. This gives all parties time to consolidate.

Russia, China and the US will no doubt continue to prepare for the inevitable WWIII. Obama gets time to continue to restructure his military’s leadership in the hope of securing command level officers which will do his bidding when it is time to roll out martial law caused by a crumbling dollar. A false flag attack will allow the administration to have troops on the street in advance of the economic collapse. Obama will need military cooperation for this event as well. Slowing the demise of the Petrodollar may buy Obama time to accomplish these goals. With the demise of the dollar delayed, the central bankers get time to prepare the roll out of a global currency which will be ushered in at some point following the crash.

Syria Abandoned

I believe that this accord between the US and Iran spells doom for Syrian leader, Assad, as the agreement does nothing to protect Syria. Syria still has substantial oil and a huge amount of natural gas that the bankers covet and Saudi Arabia will become the guardian of this resource. Therefore, I do look for Saudi Arabia and Israel and maybe even Iran to attack and occupy Syria. Don’t think that Iran will not abandon the “secular” state of Syria in a New York minute.

Pretext for War

It is clear that this agreement will eventually provide a pretext for war. The US knows that its financial incentives will only reduce Iran’s intentions to sell oil for gold. However, at some point, just like the US did with Saddam Hussein, our government will have justification to invade. Iran has to know this as well. All that both sides have accomplished is to have bought a little more time to ready themselves for the inevitable.

The US People Are Still In the Danger Zone

The preservation of the Petrodollar is tenuous and temporary. Therefore, your future is temporary and tenuous. There are still bankers and ex-intel types relocating to safe havens. This is ominous. Some of these Federal refugees are privately talking about what is coming and the content of their conversations are grim and will constitute the subject material of part two of this series.

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  1. Archie1954 says:

    I think some of the article’s conclusions are a little far fetched but they are certainly worth discussing. I don’t recall anywhere in the “news” that stated Iran had to use US dollars when selling oil. Where is that to be found? If the US decides to actually attack Iran, it will not be a walk through the park as it was in desert storm. This nation has 50 million more people than Iraq and is much better equipped to fight an invasion. Also, I doubt very much if the US will be able to cobble together a consortium of so called “allies” to make war along with them on Iran, with the exception of the Zionist state of course. The truth is an attack on Iran could be another Vietnam for America.

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    The head douche did nit save his presidency with this. Thew entire concept of Americans paying $400 million for Iranian student tuition assistance is nothing less that what was done for Barry Sotero now Barack Obama as a foreign Indonesian student. You know AKA Harrison J Bounel, Aka Barry Shabazz. Of course this paves the way for more Muslim infiltraitors into the US Government.

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