Americans are Clueless about Muslims Beliefs about Jesus


What do Muslims believe about Jesus? Is he mentioned in the Quran at all? Do Muslims believe in Jesus, or even like him at all? Media analyst Mark Dice hit the …


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  1. OG BART says:

    to muslims jesus was a prophet

  2. 2:06 rule and clarify the truth from the false not judge .

  3. BillLykken says:

    Well done. BUT Most people do not know that Jesus is a JEW.

  4. what is jesus's real name found out the letter J was invented in the late 1600's by the Vatican

  5. D33Lux says:

    Seems to be that California is a hub for pothead, thugs and retards.

  6. anahowana says:

    I'm a muslim, and I'm actually a metalhead. During my childhood I was puzzled by the fact that many metal ( death and black metal bands) mocked and insulted Jesus. (In case you wonder, I started listening to metal when I was a 7 or 8 years old, my first album was Metallica's Kill'em all ) I never liked it when the lyrics were about insulting Jesus, for example there is a death metal band called Deicide which is musically so powerful, but lyrics wise it's worthless since the band frontman (Glen Benton) is always doing one thing over and over: stating how much he hates Jesus peace be upon him, it's like if he was abused by a priest or something, and he unleashes the anger upon Jesus, it's really childish and pretty weak if you ask me…. Nowadays it's kinda cool to grab a microphone and to mock God or bash on every sacred thing… Thus I'm not surprised much when some west medias insult Islam or koraan….How could I expect them to respect what is scared to me when they don't respect what is supposedly sacred in their culture/religion ?

  7. My answer would be religion is cancer in general so get out of my face with these dumb questions about mystic wizards in the sky…

  8. Not surprising, I bet you'd have almost as poor results if you asked about things the bible does/doesn't say.

  9. this looks a lot like oceanside

  10. WhoHitWho says:

    Lord have mercy at how dumb Americans are wow…

  11. DIGGY DODGES says:

    I'd be surprised if the majority of any country knew the Muslims beliefs about jesus. I didn't know what a Muslim was until 9/11

  12. Captain Nemo says:

    And this is the reason why I never went to America for an education. It is a complete islamophobic country. I can't be in a country where I am discriminated based on my religion.

  13. Babar Tahir says:

    All they know & all that matters is that Jesus is White!!

  14. James Banner says:

    Islam has been trying to conquer the west for thousands of years. Muslims have just changed their strategy and are now trying to pass their religion as peaceful.

  15. Hassan Iqbal says:

    People with closed minds have closed hearts

  16. Genc Osman says:

    maybe they know more if u go to mosque ;)

  17. Grand Wazoo says:

    What a dick you are

  18. I wonder , Why is the American people so ignorant ?

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