Americas Book of secrets


History of America and the free masons, building block for what our world has become. They initialize we reconstruct..


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  1. shhh it's a secret.

  2. Bunny Milton says:

    how is it a secret if you know?

  3. Arron W says:

    this book is probably in the vatican

  4. MrTcuk says:

    free Mason's is just a group of affluent people. that is it some of them are bad some good like poor people some good some bad. people like conspiracy theories because it gives you an excuse why you can't succeed.

  5. canou fred says:

    I welcome this nwo. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live in piece where intelligence and reason prosper.

  6. sonny lee says:

    Anyone can get into freemasonry though, they have little churches everywhere

  7. Juice Doctor says:

    There is no secret society as we all know about them …there is only Truth v Lies and this world is built on a lie…Fact books are to blind the mind and true nature of the human being ..use your feelings not a mind that has been blinded and fogged in toxic matter.❤️?✌️ organic fruits veg seeds herbs roots can heal all ailments known to mankind .please prove me wrong I beg anyone ❤️???❄️?✌️??

  8. Shon Seibert says:

    Alex Jones is a spreader of disinformation, he acts like he's against them but he's one of the main ppl working with Cia to spread the lies with a lil truth to confuse the sheeple.

  9. real secret societies have no names and no faces

  10. Sasuke81a says:

    Masonic symbols are everywhere in Canberra too. There's also a huge statue of an owl present in Belconnen area who is Moloch.

  11. It took me 52 seconds to realize how deep their research team loved their documentary… A.J REALLY

  12. I use to practice free masonry it was just a time some old guys hung out and ate good food. but I see the conspiracy part I wasn't in that fat tho

  13. King David says:

    Don't waist your time on this, it's got nothing to do with US secrets / it's a history lesson on Freemasons

  14. Ronny DeVane says:

    i was told Illuminati is just another word for Atheist

  15. Darkside says:

    Let's SECRETLY kill em all,then we'll run the world ?

  16. who the hell allowed Alex Jones to be an authority?

  17. Corey Strong says:

    8×8=32 pillars on each side.(not including corner pillars)
    Now add 4 pillars for each corner.
    Don't believe everything your told!!

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