America’s Evacuation Plan Exposed pt 1



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  1. chryss32 says:

    Besides the low volume this is a great video. Shalom

  2. laelae9 says:

    They have those evacuation signs everywhere they are planing somthin big people better wake up good vid brothers

  3. Sweettina2 says:

    great video man

  4. mandyj6673 says:

    I'm suprised that more ppl aren't paying attention to this stuff. Well when the crap hits the fan they will wish they had. I tried to tell my friends and family and they think I'm crazy for saying stuff like New World Order. Its like they are saying it out in the open on the news now. Crazy. Great video guys. thanx!!!

  5. mandyj6673 says:

    I voted for puppet b (a.k.a.) McCain. Now I do realize he's pretty much the same as puppet a (a.k.a. Obama) but the only reason i voted for him is because he wouldn't have gotten away with as much from the public as fast because a republican could never do the same as a democrat and get away with it. Oh well, i guess it really didn't matter because they all pretty much have the same agenda.

  6. mtfune says:

    This is obviously a STORM evacuation shelter. Notice the circular shape diagram. They can only give a plan when they know what a potential storm is going to do. I think your heart is in the right place BUT there is ALWAYS going to be a potential diasater on the horizon. ALWAYS!! There always has been and as long as the earth continues to spin, there always will be. Just because you or I are not at deaths door, does not mean other folks can say that. Perhaps you have had a revelation???

  7. chryss32 says:

    Yes it is a storm shelter but heres the thing, they have new technology called the HARRP that can make man create storms and earthquakes. So they will use these shelters and churches for this NEW WORLD ORDER agenda I saw the paper work on this. How they will evacuate people out of their homes. I pray that you wake-up and see wuts going on right in front of you

  8. mtfune says:

    If you consider yourself a christian and are saved, then I would not worry too much. I am very familiar with H.A.A.R.P.. The truth is , "THEY" the government, etc, have been able to control weather for several decades. Have you ever heard of cloudseeding? That has been around since the 40' or 50's. Like I said before–There is always going to be a potential disaster, manmade or natural just around the bend. That is just the way it is.I know that is not what you want to hear, but it is the truth.

  9. mtfune says:

    I have been keeping up with these type of things since 1980.That is almost 3 decades of my life. I am VERY familiar with all different types of scenarios that can happen. I know that you mean well. I honestly believe you have a good soul. It does no one any good to get all upset and start talking about doomsday. We will ALL meet our maker one day when it is our turn and not a second too soon! I would LOVE to see this paperwork you are talking about. Maybe you can tell me where I can find it?

  10. illuminous09 says:

    this is some real shit my g clip up, fuck fema!! thats on tha gdn nation folkk, wordd

  11. It says in the bible that God is called all sorts of names. It's in the scriptures of all the names he's called. It's clearly in the bible that the Savior's name is Christ Jesus also the Messiah and King. I think anyone can call their creator what they want and Jesus by his name because his apostles and every1 called him by his name. Whatever makes the person feel closeer to Jesus and God. As long as it's right in the eyes of the Creator. It's clearly in the Bible

  12. chryss32 says:

    where does it say in the bible that God is called all sorts of names? He told Moses I AM THAT I AM in hebrew it is (AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH). That is God's name and his son name is Yashiyah (SAVIOR)

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