America’s Sources of Immigrants (1850-Today)


A state-by-state look at the history of U.S. immigration by country of origin. Try for free: Subscribe to TDC!


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  1. Steve Rey says:

    So basically, "diverse" = "non-white"… Yup, this kind of wacky thinking is the reason that Trump won.

  2. theres alot of whites that have native american blood as much as the mexicans of spanish orgin having native american blood. lots of whites aren't even white. they're american!!! with american blood in them! stupid.

  3. Luis Mendez says:

    United States of mexico

  4. SpiderArtMC says:

    …and that one time when hordes of people from the Bahamas came to florida

  5. I don't know why you can say that America is becoming more diverse when the top immigrates are from Mexico. That doesn't make it diverse…

  6. Eric Piccard says:

    so the mexicans want the wall

  7. Tulip Prince says:

    Philippines hooray :)

  8. Bean says:

    Imagine having an industrial revolution in 1930. The US is always walking in Britains footsteps

  9. Diverse? Looks like we are becoming Mexico!!!!

  10. seems like a preamble to Anti multi-culturalism; which is the stepping stone to Eugenics….. classy!

  11. People forget that there was actually an act called the Chinese Exclusion Act that specifically limited Chinese and other Asians. Chinese was used as slave labor in the 1800s and Japanese were interned in the 1940s. And yet these days, I still get told to 'go back to my country' even though I was raised in the West. The mistreatment of Asians often get ignored because people are more aware about racism against blacks than against asians.

  12. Bring on those Dominican women

  13. পরিবারের লোকজন কীছু জানে না ।একাকী কীছু করতে পারব না

  14. pealfaro ooo says:

    America is a continent, not the USA.

  15. Well done. Interesting material and a good visualization.

  16. Otman Zayer says:

    this is white genocide

  17. Aronnch says:

    Mexican immigration is actually slowing down and now Mexicans are leaving. Lel

  18. JC Maldonado says:

    I read somewhere that white people are going to become a minority by 2050

  19. A country full of diversity and immigrants.. now being ruled by a racist.. do you see the problem?

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