Amos N. Wilson | Africans in the New World Order


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  1. Zulu Man says:

    Our mental. Death is definitely a contributor 2 our physical death

  2. Divide dissuade and then conquer is the name of the game. Saying Neiiy Fuller is white is one of many tactics people use to divide dissuade and conquer. it can't work if you know who is who and what is what.

  3. Mary jane says:

    Gotta use what you got to get what you want(players club)

  4. sealie15 says:

    What year did Dr. Wilson make this speech?

  5. Every time I hear the late Dr . Amos Wilson and compare him with these present day so-called Afrikan conscious movement people I'm astounded at their shallowness about the true condition of our Afrikan peoples worldwide were in deep trouble globally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. BenREI Ltd. says:

    Its a lot of skipping. Does anyone have the full length version of this? If so please share the link. thanks a bunch.

  7. eric mccray says:

    R.I.P. Dr. Amos Wilson !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Johnson Toe says:

    Dr. Amos Wilson is heavy…This audio has some great jewels in it.

  9. NEWSKULL says:

    Black Inferiority which a direct outcome of White supremacy finds expression in the black world in different forms – and is given different names – but at its core the is same thing. ‘Slave mentality’ is no different from ‘colonial mentality’ – its equivalent in Africa. It’s an implicit acceptance of some kind racial or civilizational hierarchy where White people are placed on the top and everyone else assumes a position somewhere in between – so all the oppressed preoccupy themselves in the politics of placing themselves above each other in this hierarchy .This fight alone in itself is very problematic and reflects the intellectual illiteracy in the black world globally of the black experience in  the context of white supremacy.When I speak of White supremacy – I am not speaking of white people. I am speaking of a philosophy – a model of the world that maintains privilege based on color and or how well you align it.  White supremacy can be maintained by black people- and in fact could have never succeeded without their participation. If the system is set in favor of a certain kind of people – How else do you correct it without removing inherent privilege or adopting a better model of the world that doesn’t have inherent racial privileges? The defeatist acknowledgement that the path to prosperity is only through a white system is quite sad – it is one thing to recognize its existence and find creative and pragmatic ways to avoid its pitfalls – it’s entirely another to internalize one’s own inferiority and accept that is the only model that we can use to make sense of the world.

  10. Haki Ammi says:

    Yes I'm finishing the work of Dr. Amos Wilson. Join my Movement.

  11. very well, they are manipulating us.

  12. "Negros will give you everything if you nice to them". 37:00

  13. Amos Wilson is the Man and I thank him for making away for me to read and listen to his wisdom. The man is so deep that when he speak I heart feels Sad for I know with what little knowledge I got I Know I should be out doing more to fight for our survival. my people this is our wake up call lets not let our leaders die in vain. Love from The Blackmans Truth

  14. We seem to have an allergy when it comes to reading.

    Dr. Amos Wilson

  15. Booker T says:

    I love his take on racism….The white man isn't racist because your black…He's racist because he has a mental illness. I never really thought about the subconscious effect of saying "racism is occurring because I am black."

  16. Booker T says:

    Someone please explain to me why when I speak in this manner to (in particular) black women….I'm always being labeled as speaking "negatively."

  17. We cannot and should not ignore the fact that we live in a world that revolves around survival and that we have basic human needs that needs to be met.

    No matter what we are living in times in which we are being asked more than ever to recognise our active participation and responsibility individually and collectively.

    Obviously with the subconscious of everyone's mind there is a door and that door obviously separates in two worlds which is reality and fantasy.While reality pumps and pounds it fists, fantasy is just a blind place filled with never ending longings.

    This world will always be a dangerous place of those who look on and do nothing. They are also very dangerous too because of this reason being as long as one continues to live in fantasy the danger increases this will build up fear, self procrastination and mood swings. They simply do not want to recognise the "harmless and unhealthy routines" they have fallen into therefore becoming complete liabilities.

    Escapism  for me is the real problem because most have negated personal responsibility and to avoid the discomfort of existential angst that we all have to deal with eventually.

    We are ultimately responsible for all the decisions that we make and the actions that we take but living in a fantasy world is a will of absolving answers and the consequences of our actions therefore real life is no longer their problem.

    Evidently one should know by now that a tendency to retreat into fantasy is going to have negative effects. Addictions can be tough to break especially when there is an emotional component behind it.

    For me it is not being addicted to a fantasy but the complete challenge of getting over the reasons why one had placed the fantasy there in the first place.

    Bringing ourselves back to the present as often as possible is the most important tactic. We are all meant to live our dreams. This present reality is all we got,lets learn to commit and move forward.

    We must live by our own terms, no more boring reruns, no more self defeating excuses, no more wasting time.

    Obviously our reality and being very truthful with ourselves about where we stand today is the foundation to crafting any solid plan for our future.  

    As always my spiritual husband puts a voice to my feelings. Great and needed lesson tonight.

  18. This is the most important lecture I've heard on a long time. Thank you again Brother PAUL WHALEY. I will get this to my younger men and women asap overstanding the pyscodynamics of this white supremacy is much needed.

  19. Bullet proof says:

    he's one of  the prophets we need to listen to

  20. Babatunde24 says:

    31:21 ACBN is about Whites no longer having the final word…….we have to away from having to explain our position

  21. Babatunde24 says:

    30:21 i don't give a hoot of having taught Greeks…..Amos was no no sense

  22. Babatunde24 says:

    28:00 Korean Producers Association………. Multiculturalism a tool to keep African Americans a non competitive planned permanent underclass.

  23. PAUL WHALEY says:


  24. This is absolutely essential information that we need to step up to own and handle in the real world way. No joke. While I don't think we are in jeopardy of physical extinction [ yet ], I do believe that there is comprehensive, invincible information that shows that we are absolutely enslaved in the colonial economic sense, and our collective value to the colonial powers lies specifically within our economic strength being almost 100% entrenched and enslaved within the economic strengths and wholly designed for the economic benefits of the group that impoverishes exploits exploits denigrates and in all other ways wholly oppresses us.

  25. Babatunde24 says:

    20: the problem black children have in school are not academic, their political.

  26. Babatunde24 says:

    11:29 we must adjust adjust our strategies and objectives…..?

  27. Babatunde24 says:

    9:22 Africa and African people have been written off by the major nations of this world.

  28. Babatunde24 says:

    5:45 you talk about white supremacy like it's always going to be around…..don't tell this to the fools who listen to Nelly fuller Jr or cress welsing

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