AMTV – China Billionaire Jack Ma Predicts World War 3 – AMTV


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  1. Lesly Dane says:

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  2. Lesly Dane says:

    The sin girls to frank shad bed maids owner is you bank~when bomb alrm ~1 and 2 as pumkin food builinder ~~

  3. Lesly Dane says:

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    Maybe 2500 now ~wind and air
    And space guy dead and cop clone of angela ~

  4. Lesly Dane says:

    Ruusian bomb of them blwing them sleves up is real ~~3000 megton 4000 and 2500 ~defectrs of usa face ruuaisn to away form country dfieition now ~
    And wind ladder trash for wet blockadged r
    And throth nexk paper twoel claing and wind eys caflee instrustion of twisted paper twoel and mist of air willbe very bad re does ~~with eyes close and move head back ~and bury or bag

  5. Lesly Dane says:

    Assly phclogy facts rpeort of goats and pigs ~~cum thew usa girl ~~now reayd to move away form bomb ~bad air 1 and goat 3 legged boat ~title of undeground ~is ruusians fingerniels
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    Nothing of me and you moer then pumkin the bannatree ~cooking skills ~

  6. Lesly Dane says:

    You sin girls oare owned to me frank only as repate of idea of goodness snerrder
    While that tounge of ruusians as rapeisgt tounge thing

  7. Lesly Dane says:

    Clafr ko tia seender of banker king clone and boy ~deer war ~and maping ~nnedd syriena godmotghe eating rocks ~small haph fing wordnial ~
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  8. Lesly Dane says:

    Spsich ruusin is form plams 3 nned him kifeved dead

  9. Lesly Dane says:

    Big and bad for banking fali safe thing ~

  10. Lesly Dane says:

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  11. Lesly Dane says:

    Davd krech revvegde of all is corretc as war computer keeps rt im sorry and it pelase tobe the boos ~slagans you cnat close gov if you had bad day ~~yesyes you can ~when you boos/

  12. Lesly Dane says:

    Srsyen map maker ~~co sisnger with usa army ~~

  13. Lesly Dane says:

    Bill clint cmmetra hillry rooten body for love of daddv kroehc ~exxmapl aisn girl inarraginton wears big hat she farms happy girl ~thats allthere is after war win or loose that life

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