[AMV] World War Anime – This Is War


I Just make this AMV to day so…… ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE MUSIC AND ANIME MAKERS OF THE CONTENT SEEN IN THIS VIDEO it’s from serial cartoon …



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  1. what is a anime in 2:00?

  2. Epic Lord says:

    Can you give us the Name of every anime used please

  3. Witch House says:

    You know there is some truth to this anime. If you look up Ahnenerbe Nazi institute they kept German runes and mummified warlords in hopes of bringing them back to life and use their magical powers to win the war. Himmler was also obsessed with witches and established the SS-hexen-sonderkommando for occult research.

  4. 1:35 what anime is that?

  5. what anime is that at 1:48

  6. 3:44 what anime is this!!!!!

  7. 3:56 is that helsing?

  8. frank AVA says:

    What movie name in 2:423:56?

  9. What is the Anime in 1:011:05

  10. Dung Hoang says:

    awesome best AMV I had ever seen

  11. Can anyone give me names of all those animes?

  12. André Silva says:

    what the name of the anime from 3:50? (London been attacked by V1)

  13. KMR says:

    Thx for the 14K++ Views and 100++ Likes

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