Analysis: May 9 Clatford Crop Circle Is A Time Map




The crop circle (glyph) which appeared in Clatford on May 9th has been provided a label of ‘sigil’ in an article at EarthFiles.Com.

Personally, I doubt that this latest crop glyph is a sigil as it is not asymmetric, as are all, meaningful, sigils. As is explained in the annotated diagrams of the crop circle(glyph) below, this latest orb-created glyph is bi-laterally symmetrical, as no sigil *can* be an still retain value as a code. Also let us note now that sigils are an attempt to disguise information through coding, not communicate it. Sooooo….it does not make sense to me that these orb-dudes would go to all the trouble to create these glyphs only to then use forms that ‘obscure’ information, as do sigils… conclusion therefore is that this glyph is NOT a sigil, and, assuming that it is intended to create effective communications, a different interpretation *could* be extracted.

First, a diagram of the glyph in question:

We note that the image is symmetrical in various differing orientations, and further is separated into two components, each of which is symmetric.

As we further get into the analysis of this glyph, on the assumptions that 1) the militaries of the Anglo/American empire are demonstrating by their actions that they are aware that the glyphs are *not* hoaxes (i.e. human created), and that they are exhibiting ‘fear’ reactions in their actions; and 2) that any expenditure of such energies as are required to create these glyphs are an attempt at communications, there are several interesting, universal archetypes which may be seen and that provide some levels of meaning from this particular glyph.

Taking the top component first, it can be seen that this is composed of a larger structure which is surrounding a dark, completed circle. That circles are involved instantly brings up the archetypes of both cycles and revolutions (around a central point), both of these are archetypic representations of time. Thus we can observe at the next level down that the central point is surrounded by a circle which is divided into 4/four equal sections. Within that division, the 4/four are grouped into 2/two sets of ‘twin’ images, again, not only demonstrating symmetry, but also providing the idea of a ‘cycle’ divided into 4/four parts, of which each of 2/two parts are identical or equal.

Such a division of a cycle divided by regularity or symmetry invokes the images of ‘time’, as well as the ‘solar year’ which is itself divided into the 2/two solstices, and the 2/equinox. Given that the ‘equinox’ is by explicit derivation an expression of ‘equality’ where-in both the day and the night split the 24 hour day equally, we could assign such a meaning to the 2/two images at the 9 and 3 o’clock positions merely on their simplicity of expression of ‘equality’.

If we assign, in our analysis, the 2/two horizontally oriented components to the equinoxes, then the more complex vertical components would naturally fall to being representations of the solstice. This may actually fit as each of these more complex structures is composed of 4/four larger circles which are divided into 2/two symmetric groups. There are an additional 7/seven smaller circles, clustered around the central point of the structure. Further these smaller circles are shown as being ‘in orbit’ around the larger circles. Again, *IF* this were assumed to be a communication, then the view from the central circle point of rotation would show these 4/four circles as really only a single event, in which there are actually 3/three circles or ‘days’ from the point-of-view of the central circle, as 1/one of the circles would ‘occlude’ its further twin. Since, from earth, the solstices are actually 3/three days in which the ‘sun stands still’, or seems to from our point of view, this also would seem to fit.

If we are to step up to the total level of the top component of the diagram we further see that the central point circle around which the larger structure revolves has 26/twenty-six of the combined smaller and larger circles around it in 4/four structures. This total of 26/twenty-six is interesting as it is the number of (thousands of) light years from our solar system to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Further it our ‘great year’ of the super cycle of the precession of the equinoxes is nearly 26/twenty-six thousand years long. Also our planet’s angular alignment relative to the galactic central is at a 26/twenty-six degree tilt.

Oh, and tres curiously, the pope Gregory had the Gregorian calendar designed in such a way that it syncs up with the Mayan calendar so that the end of the Mayan calendar occurs on the Winter Solstice (December 20=22 inclusive, 2012) at what time? Why 11:11 am…..very curious indeed.

Other archetypes expressed (probably universal) in this diagram include the idea of the ‘notch’ which is seen in the disrupted arc connecting the 3/three elements of the lower component of the diagram. The archetype of a ‘notch’, at the archetypical level, includes the idea of ‘slotting in’ or ‘going into the notch/slot’. Noting that the ‘slot/notch’ of this diagram is visually connected, though not by any diagram element or line, with the ‘solstice’ group of circles, could this then be referring to the December 2012, 2009, 11:11 AM alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy? Perhaps so, as half way between the ‘notch/slot’ and the larger circle at the bottom of the diagram are 4/four small lines disconnected from any of the circles within the diagram. Could these 4/four lines be ‘reference marks’ which is a omni-humanity method of getting disparate parts to ‘line up correctly’? Humans use such reference marks for ‘alignment’ in many many many diverse forms of their endeavors, and it is one of our oldest forms of ‘techniques to ensure precision’.

On further examination, the bottom component is composed of an arc, not a complete circle, and it is actually a ‘half circle’. Could this be indicative of a ‘half cycle’? And then we can also note that the central, completely filled in circle, in the bottom part of the image is itself surrounded by another circle, as are its 2/two smaller companions. Could this again be referring to the archetypes of ‘revolutions’, and thus cycles of time?

Conclusion (preliminary):

There are more elements and combinations of elements which can be also interpreted with archetypic, and hopefully ‘universal’ themes, but they are also going to the point already made, which is to say that the Clatford crop glyph is likely NOT a sigil, intending to obscure, but rather is more likely a temporal reference ‘map’ intending to point us toward the alignment of the earth (from the earth’s view point) with the Milky Way galactic central on 12.21.2012, at 11:11 am. There are also hints within the further analysis at the archetypic level to examine the ‘half cycles’, or 13,0000 years and what happened then…..or so it would seem.

Further conclusions are able to be extracted from the higher levels of reality, such as the ‘apparent’ attempt to over lay the ‘hoax’ label on this particular glyph, as well as the ‘rapt and rabid’ attention being paid to crop circles/glyphs by the British and American military organizations, as well as several very ‘key’ corporations.

The amount of effort going into ‘rubbishing’ this particular glyph brings up the natural response of ‘why’? What makes this communications so special?

As with the rest of the planet, we here at HPH, will be ‘staying tuned for more’ when it comes to the 2009 crop circles/glyphs/communications ‘season’.

opinions and conclusions expressed herein are entirely mine, clif high.

May be reproduced with attribution.

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  1. steph says:

    After the 11:11 notches, the positions of the outer circles appear to correspond with 11:11 on a clock face.

  2. Eric Vaughan says:

    If it is from an otherworldly source, I’ll say it’s an Asiatic algabraic expression of DNA compounds. Why would they do that? It appears they’ve given the human race’s genetically modified seeds project an F minus, LOL.

    (Unfortunately, you’d have to be MENSA Plus to get that. RIP, worker bees of the world.)

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