Angelina Jolie Admits To joining Illuminati Satanic cult Leaked Video exposed! ***MUST SEE***


Angelina Jolie exposed and admits to the Satanic rituals she performed to enter the Order of the Illuminati (Satanic cult) in newly surfaced secret footage where …


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  1. this explains ariana grandes tattoos, one being "babydoll" ……
    and beyonce? omg, i cant imagine.

  2. Vince Ward says:

    And now were paving the way for the whore of Babylon to take her seat.

  3. marcobrooo says:

    I'd definitely joint Angelina Jolie in a satanic orgy,count me in

  4. Wow its crazy i saw that snake in a text book back in high school

  5. Bert Carroll says:

    I hate bad people

  6. Hitz91 says:

    the elite want them to sacrfice one of their kids i bet

  7. Amanda Bates says:

    great video wow… very eye opening on miss jolie.

  8. CAP Brony says:

    ok you say evolution is not real ok then please explain how we came about. you see we have seen evolution through fruit flies. we have fossil records that support the basis of evolution as well. so please if that is wrong please provide evidence out side the bible as the bible can not be used to prove god you have to have scientific evidence. so yeah please explain where we came from and show evidence outside of the bible.

  9. Rasha Dirawi says:

    The truth is God is one
    Jesus is the massenger of God not God
    God is Allah The One , and Jesus , Mohammad , Ibrahim , Mosas, Isa, Ismail are all massengers of God, also jibril or Gabriel is the Angel the massenger of God from Angels , all are sent to tell humans to worship God Allah and never worship Satan …
    Please read the whole story in Quraan
    These verses burns Satan ,

  10. so tattoos from anyone is satanic??

  11. what about the people with cross tattoos??

  12. i will never forget you said palms instead of psalms

  13. Brad Pitt like the beast rising from the pit.

    Angelina takes the kids to the Wilderness.

    The angelic mother figure they believe will give birth to all of their immortal bodies.

    They use vision boards for power of suggestion magic.

  14. c ventura says:

    OMG!! You people must stop w/ misinformation about Marilyn Monroe. The women in the picture drinking, probably blood, is JAYNE MANSFIELD (JM). JM is the one who was friends with Anton. Not Marilyn! Marilyn was a victim of so many things because she wouldn't work with the Dark. Even though she was one of the first Hollywood mkultra victims. Before you put out your info on things get your facts straight. Or no one is going to take you seriously.

  15. Tina li says:

    Brad probably mad so he leaked this video ??

  16. Frankly, you think that it is smart to post this video almost 17 years, just to cause heur harm because she is in divorce procedure? No, it's very stupid! In this video she hurts anyone, which is not the case of the one who posted it. This discussion is completely private.
    And besides, there is no evidence that it is first degree, especially on the part of an actress. We know absolutely nothing of what she did.

  17. Cinsuallove says:

    i get tired of explaining jesus is a greek word our Messiah YAHUSHUA and the creator YAHUAH is the name the European bible hides in plain sight.

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