Angels and Airwaves – Everything’s Magic


Music video by Angels and Airwaves performing Everything’s Magic. (C) 2007 Geffen Records.


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  1. Jordan Lange says:

    The intro always makes me think of the intro to "Sugar we're going down swinging" and I love it.

  2. TOXIC COFFEE says:

    1:03 to 1:40 sounds like "When I Was Young"

  3. Nick Chan says:

    Pure awesome

  4. It's sounds like "When I Was Young" and "Anthem Pt 2"

  5. Venantium says:

    So Angels and Airwaves is basically Blink with an extra member and tom without a guitar and less punk

  6. La Lala says:

    So this is when Tom's ugly warbling started??? WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT UNIQUE SOUND YOUR VOICE HAD, TOM?

  7. LUNAAA PUNK says:


  8. RykahP96 says:

    1:24 girl from Role Models

  9. 1231Studios says:

    Only good AvA song in my opinion

  10. Marty McFly says:

    Surrender is still AVA's best song ever

  11. TheCaresgar says:

    When I Was Young?

  12. This is the first AVA song I've ever heard. I still like it, but currently, Wolfpack's my favorite

  13. Life of ryan sheckler! ?

  14. i know the song from a movie but i dont know wich movie :(

  15. Octavio Cruz says:

    Just sit back and hold on but hold on tight!!

  16. Ari Bluer says:

    beginning sounds like walkin on sunshine

  17. Is this band that Tom said fuck It im not playing guitar??

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