Angels & Demons Revealed


Were the Illuminati behind the former Soivet Union and their secret service KGB? This documentary has put forward some very interesting proof to suggest that …


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  1. Gaz Else says:

    Wonder who the new world orders leader is gonna be in UK? Maybe Boris.. Dont make me laugh none of the British political leaders have got the bolloxks to do bloody anything never mind take over world. They struggle to complete their expenses claim forms… What a big stinking bag of sloppy bull shit!!!!

  2. Gaz Else says:

    We dont have to wonder if there is a secret order thats ruling the world cos they been at it for years.. Drug companies and oil producers. Arms manufacturers the black market… Fucking hell people they bin ruling the west for years and years

  3. I wonder if the priest banged her

  4. White people are THE Children of Satan – evil in the flesh – THE White ENEMY of allllllllllllllll humans – as prophesied!!!!!!

  5. honesty6811 says:

    Catholics and Jews know where the arc of the Covenant is!!!

  6. honesty6811 says:

    Cardinal Donald Wuerl is apart of the Illuminatii and so is Dolan of New York!!! ..Stay away from both of them and never listen to them!!!

  7. David Reyes says:

    Rita Hayworth was Mexican margarita

  8. zlinedavid says:

    Gee, the KGB and the GRU were corrupt. Whoda thunk it?

  9. bastardized christianism and judaism and muslism… = ZIONISM… the end of humankind… ONLY RUSSIA WILL SAVE HUMAN RACE

  10. Its Steed from the Avengers.

  11. all evil star from cain world on nod planet check it out

  12. Good Heart says:

    Please read; The fallen angels appear very kind and they make you believe they are Gods angels, they spend a great deal of time grooming you and making you feel safe and sure they are good then their visions become sexual and you are surprised because you have developed a relationship with them or him. They can morph into men, light, dark shadows, in sunlight they can appear more colorful but they are not good they are Fallen Angels. They even use Bible themes to seduce you as well as many visions that seem prophetic. They put on beautiful shows of light almost always with dark back grounds OR as shadows in well lit places you are in. They are extremely convincing especially to a BELIEVER….but after much time you see their true colors. They want to seduce you. ONE is blond blue eyed and charming at about 7/8 ft tall. He may try to appear as the Holy Spirit or an Arch Angel dressed in Royal blue etc. I hope we get to watch them burn in hell. Please don't allow yourself to accept daytime visions. I could see them 24/7. I am sure they chose to appear as Gods Angels because I was a skeptical Christian in the Word of God. I pray Jesus Comes soon. They are more clever than we are. I'm sure they can appear in any form. They have many talents. I don't know if people can be wise enough that are Seeers even if in the Word of God. It is best not to allow any entity to become personal even if it seems good and looks like a human type angel with wings. They can even appear as Jesus in full size!!!!! Do not believe most visions on YouTube . Jesus is not romantically seducing his brides in these last days. Please believe me. They make their visions seem lovely..

  13. Ithila says:

    click bait for what is just more of the tired old anti-masonic bull shit.

  14. carlo j says:

    excelent documentary thanx for uploading

  15. Watcher23 says:

    ●Uh SecretTT●

  16. Anti muslim documentary

  17. Josh Barry says:

    Illuminati confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Wulfz lair says:

    lol idk whenever i smoke hashish i wanna fall asleep

  19. SuperBeetox says:

    ENTIRE WORLD DOMINATION!!! WHY??? Haven't we learned from the history? How long will it takes? How realistic it is? People doesn't evolved after all!!! How many bloodshed will it takes to realized that??? ENOUGH! JUST FIND A JOB! SAVE MONEY AND SPEND VACATION TO A NICE PLACE IN THIS EARTH!!! TELL ME, WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK MORE OUT OF THIS VERY SHORT LIFE YOU DUMMY PEOPLE!!!!

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