Anonymous Against The New World Order


Anonymous – System to defeat the Illuminati and New Planet Get
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  1. 2 sides and None None is only option

  2. Baddy Grand says:

    The problem is the fubarity of banks and the corrupt hearts of politicians, not the idea of govt and the inevitibility of politics. at least, that's what i gather from everything

  3. Magical man says:

    Anonomous i stand with you on all operations and i want to point out that we should also be using magick and radionics against the new world order to shut them down and to counter the spells that i am certain they are using to take over the world and to send back any magical attacks they launch against us. If anyone here thinks that just because you dont believe in magick that it cant hurt you , you are very incorrect and in the same way if you think that faith makes you imune to the effects of black magick then you do not understand the science of magick at all.

  4. Adam Coleman says:

    If you haven't seen this yet, it will be well worth your time to do so

  5. why do you guys have scrary masks.etleest use minecrat masks

  6. Yeah, we can open schools dedicated to chopping wood. For those with acres of land. Who are loaded for bare and have an underground bunker full of food rations. This works for you. When the average response time for a domestic assault call to 9-11 in the country is about 28 minutes, too far away to hear the cry's for help. Let me correct that last line. There is no 9-11. Most relying on State Police as there is no local police department between you and your neighbor. You live in the middle of no where, shooting tin cans off your fence post. Flip the script and imagine your neighbor, this time, their only 15 feet away, in cramped one room apartment. An apartment building full of roaches and rats, eating whats left of the cheerios. This time, you hear gunfire outside of your window. Innocent bodies lay motionless in the streets. As the local police show up in minutes you often wonder what would happen if the police never showed up at all. Would you be the next victim laying dead in the streets, or should everyone carry a gun, just in case?

  7. AdaptaFilms says:

    Voice makes it difficult to understand. Maybe have subtitles. Also a summary.

  8. Some of their arguments are so weak, almost childish …
    The food in the supermarket, a phone or a car are served INDIVIDUALLY. you personally pay for these items and get them BASED ON YOUR OWN CONTRIBUTION – more you pay for phone, the better phone you get. You don't pay for it – you won't have one
    This is different for roads: no matter how much you paid individually, the quality of the road is the same for EVERYONE, and everyone can use it. Road is essential for society whether to transport food, the injured person or army forces. Everyone needs these services, but why would an andividual voluntarily pay for it knowing that it will be paid by others anyways. So you need some system to tax them equally. Even if the demanded money from each individual is perfactly accurate, there will always be someone who refuses to pay. THUS YOU NEED SOME LEGAL FORCE to make them pay their part of money or punish them if they don't.
    BUT PART OF IT IS TRUE. (responsibility and morality part)

  9. sbdwisp says:

    Your arguments make no sense… I don't have time to continually work with and manage multiple organizations to get basic services… I'd rather overpay 1 organization, government, and be done with it… U provide no practical solutions for anarchistic societies to exist, only complaints about governments…

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