Anonymous Message On The Coming New World Order #Illuminati



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  1. MARIO AVMAD says:

    i need proof ..proof that will make me absolutely sure that Illuminati exists

  2. Really u need proof look the fuck around omfg

  3. suziq977 . says:

    turn off the tv and open your eyes….really rather simple, I dare you.

  4. The Patriot says:

    Dont wake up enslaved tomorrow, resist today…Learn more…..
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  5. how bout, just live your life like you have so far and don't give a shit about the illuminati and new world order ?
    why even bother living in the shadows of it all..
    i will tell you if this NWO comes.. it will not change me in anyways. i will keep doing what i wanna do and i'm not gonna let
    someone change that from me.

  6. Would the listing in the Encyclopedia Britannica suffice?

  7. Jim Reilly says:

    A great utube clip !  But why that annoying fucking "spooky music"  at the beginning and again at the end.

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