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  1. Rose Leggore says:

    I hope she is about to be exposed and this is not just trying to scare her

  2. I LOVE AONONYMAS Facebook I โก๋ สกายร็อค

  3. ANONYMOUS for President 2016 .

  4. This is gonna make trump win

  5. I would like to see Hillary's emails. show them

  6. philip dolan says:

    She cannot be stopped  I believe world war three will soon be here .

  7. what about the AIDS tainted blood she and her cohorts were selling, blood they took from AIDS infected inmates in AR. they sold their blood across the world because the inmates and or AIDS patients would die before any of them can testify to this. everyone is crying about her emails, what about the (God only knows how many) many people she was responsible for murdering. the Watergate scandal, the cocaine money being laundered with the help of HER Rose law firm. all this stuff im saying is public knowledge, but the Clintons are very good at distracting people. they also have people scrub the internet to get rid of these stories. if she becomes our president we are doomed as a nation!! she does not love this nation, her intentions are very bad. if she becomes president, all those who voted for her will regret it.

  8. Bobby Fire says:

    These guys are really annoying please stop existing

  9. Josh Lines says:

    show them that we are not to be just looked over, we should be know how strong we just are, we should hack into times square video feeds and show them that it is possible, how weak the cyber security is. they will realize how unsafe this world is.

  10. I'm bringing peace to the world

  11. Taken Soulja says:

    i love how anonymous has an account on a govt owned website. its like eyyyyy what upppp plus they own a building. lmfao right?

  12. FlameRaiser says:

    Wow I will never look at a Clinton the same way again.

  13. come on guys! ! leave hillary alone. . so far she is the best candidate. . you are scaring off people. . we must stay focus on keeping trump from winning the white house. . if hillary it's the only option we have then let be.. we have Muppets on both sides. republicans and Democrats. a the time on every presidential election. but this time we have Muppets and a clown. AKA. trump. . America it's at its the very end of being a great country. . IF AMERICA VOTES FOR TRUMP. . IT WILL HE THE END! ! America will loose it's power worldwide. on every aspect. . AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST BE VERY CAREFUL WHOM THEY VOTE FOR. AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN FROM MEXICO 'S PEOPLE. MEXICO HAS A MUPPET. A CLOWN. AN GUY THAT HAVES NO IDEA WHAT'S IT'S ALL ABOUT BEING PRESIDENT. SO DOES TRUMP. .. TRUMP IT'S USING THE NAIVE NESS AND. DESPERATION OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. TRUMP IT'S JUST LIKE OBAMA. THEY BOTH KNOW HOW TO TALK TO A DESPERATE. DEPRESSED. UNEMPLOYED CITIZEN. AND ON TRUMP CASE 'S HE KNOWS HOW TO TALK TO THE RACIST PEOPLW. .ITS HIS MAIN TARGET. BECAUSE THEY THINK JUST THE WAY HE DOES.

  14. your phrase of Master of the Black Arts a hint of exposing her practice of Witchcraft????

  15. Klillary klinton for death 2016 make her feel pain

  16. Savage Sage says:

    She can't keep track of her husbands dick how is she gonna keep track of the country

  17. Why is Hillary always dress like a TELETUBBIES ?

  18. Carl Wheezer says:

    Anonymous do you work with grim

  19. freeman says:

    Emails? That's nothing, what about selling enriched uranium to the Russians for her own personal gain. Was it $145,000,000.00 worth to the Clinton Foundation. Can anyone say treason. Hillary Rosenberg for Prison in 2016.

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