ANONYMOUS Message to Illuminati 2015



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  1. illuminati want to make a global nation (the new world as they refer to) so they will be able to enslave us without public realising it. globalisation would a very good if it is done the right way , however the illuminati want just to enslave us and take our freedom. so stand in their way and stop them plz

  2. M3ANZ0 says:

    Anonymous 4EVER PROTECT US!

  3. Sek Builder says:

    i want to join im a kid please dont hack me

  4. Please anonymous protect us and i will stand by your side and fight against the Illuminati

  5. I'm Muslim but I LOVE ANONYMOUS AND FUCK illuminati #Fuckİlluminati @Shitİlluminati

  6. we are anonymous we help hunger im am anonymous i have the mask

  7. Danny Wilson says:

    they are more of us then the illuminati aka the goverment use your brains just coz they got money wepons lol we got that to maybe more but it shud not have to come to war but they brang the fight to ower door so we stand ower ground and rise up!!!!.
    .. hail anonymous

  8. Manju Johri says:

    I believe in illuminate it is good for people
    I am one of the member of illuminate and it gives me the light to fight the world
    Go illuminate and fuck off anonymous

  9. jackm091000 says:

    And the ideology of the illuminati is only getting leaked by anonymous in 2016 and it's barely getting momentum and before anyone says …yes I have and currently doing my part to help anonymous

  10. FaZe Pikachu says:

    i want to be on the anonymous

  11. Insane Mods says:

    Go ANONYMOUS show them your true power let them see the light of anonymous! 🙂 XD

  12. MLGDooDoo 85 says:

    Creed of assasins is the one i love the best butt GO ANOMYNES FUCK ILLUMINATY

  13. they should ask for volunteers to help anonymous end the illuminati

  14. jazzy J says:

    Shouldn't they be in jail? ? ! No offence but isn't hacking illegal? Eh at least they help cause presidents and the government can't do shit about anything

  15. The illuminati does not exist

  16. I am with you , i want to fight the illuminati and join the anonymous ressistance

  17. Dr. G4MES says:

    hello yes I would like to anonymous please

  18. Doctor Greg says:

    what song is playing in the back ground

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