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  1. elBulis 01 says:

    the US is the brain of tje world , if the americans just do something to stop the tirany in their country, the rest of countries will do the same.

  2. Bro Brah says:

    blah blah blah…. any new info? seems like you make these videos just for the ad money. wish anon was a real thing and not a disinfo campaign. prove me wrong.

  3. If capitalism only fucks up the planet while corrupting the few who are in power as well as the ordinary people and having communism failing the test of time, can there even be a "system" that allows people to live in peace? How would one even solve all the conflicts and challenges that we are currently facing? Seriously I need some answers wich is most likely why I subscribed to this channel. Yet again I always feel that the only thing that people do is talking about changing the world then forgeting about it shortly after which is what I am about to do too anyways. Without hope a message becomes meaningless. At least that is what I thought while watching this video. Please dont get me wrong I highly appreciate what anonymous did and does its just that I dont see the world changing right now.

  4. TheTwrman says:

    who do you want to control you…… a billionaire or a criminal both cabal members….no one owns me i am autonomously self ruled…the ocean shall be my home a sailor to the end let the rest fight over the dirt…they will evolve soon by necessity

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  6. Lanester 101 says:

    The messege that Anonymous wishes to carry is all well and all, but i have a few Problems with the current situation.
    I dont think enough has really been done to match up to the Aims and beliefs that Anonymous tries to preach. Its good to speak of Exposing government corruption, but has anything Been achieved at all yet? I know Wikileaks has done massive work in leaking CIA files and exposing government Corruption, but Anonymous nowhere near compares to them and their achievements. Literally nothing has been done, its all good to appear wearing masks at protests across the world, but its just all talk and show, nothing has been done. Because at the end of the day The government has far better hackers and data handlers then them, and have better surveillance over Anonymous then Anonymous has of the governments. I seem to gather that Anonymous is just a large collection of Uni students with a shared anti capitalist view, but anonymous is just that, Uni Students. Wikileaks has former CIA cyber security operatives, have leaked tens of thousands of Government data, and have caused serious changes and debate about government Monitoring of the people, Anonymous has done NOTHING like this at all. Im not annoyed at what Anonymous believes, but i am annoyed at all the posturing, the "Acts of defiance" the speeches, When nothing is being done.

  7. the best weapon that can bring a country to its knees are a box's of matches ???

  8. TheTwrman says:


  9. TheTwrman says:


  10. Anonymous is made by the CIA

  11. Warwick bond says:

    why dont you guys do anything anymore?i only hear your speeches but no actions,cheers anonymous

  12. Most Unique says:

    Awsome video! We are the next generation, We are the people that will be the leaders soon! Lets make our generation worth something!

  13. 71 autobot trolls thumbed down so far

  14. TheTwrman says:

    why would we choose such an ugly world when we could easily have a beautiful one with hope …carefully consider your next decision

  15. are you guys the real ones

  16. ECGM brrasm says:

    It won't because no1 will band together to stand up and fight back

  17. campsite a says:

    Is the premise of this video the idea of leaving one social construct for another? Given your knowledge of computers, you should already be very well aware of the idea of a problem being tractable or not. The absence of a proposed solution is noted.

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