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Truth IS Free of charge.

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Truth our die !
You Option.

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Fail to remember.
United As One…
Diveded BY ZERO…
Regard The Potential!
Count on Us!

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22 Responses

  1. Ami Mirza says:

    this NWO is the end of this world! they hate everything and especially christians , because Christ!

  2. Mydog Bigdog says:

    Your faggot boy club has lost all credibility remove yourself from the Internet you pieces of shit

  3. alice theo says:

    anonymous or die. i wish i could be a part of this.

  4. JESUSisLORD says:

    Jesus is coming back! WE ARE IN BIBLICAL END TIMES. This is why all of this is happening!

  5. MCRmyinfinto says:

    what is the name of the anonymous groupthink with the white outfit and white hair like in the thumbnail

  6. Peter O says:

    Fake News….New World Order of the global…."you know who"….JFK,USS Liberty and 9/11…"they" did it.

  7. MGTKRM says:

    "Real truthers don't wear jesuit mask created by hollywood and pushed by the cia!"

  8. jack sparrow says:

    oboma trade united nation 2030 nwo

  9. Rarefighter7 says:

    to anonymous what can u tell us about cell phones should i get rid of the newer phone's like the s7 Samsung

    MIGHT BE WARS AND FAMINE just read comments on the banksters/jesuits enemys or the country they hate, russia, syria…putin has a brics bank which doesn't eat economies and genocide people like the current corrupt elites do. .
    putin tryin to warn the europeans and americans since banksters,corps run the media and brainwash and lie. They tryed keeping this secret for centurys but courageous souls have tryed getting it out there it's about the plans of the bankster babylonian talmudic zionazi elites working behind the shadows of politics and world finance, they've killed quite a few for trying to expose this mess. replaced the queen with a globalist one who would cater to the needs of the globalists from what santos bonacci and many others reveal same with the pope/jesuits. . . didn't work out good for the russians,armenians,serbs,brits,germans,arabs,african americans(slave trade) or any other of the many countrys their banker fams infiltrated and bribed with usury,debt slavisting. And they always liked killing whistle blowers,free thinkers(socrates)..people who would know what's going on to eventually expose these nefarious plans of theirs, santos here teaches about the hierarchy corrupt elites in the vatican,banks, mujaudean radical arab mercs and their idealogy and he uses sciences, other researches and geniueses thruout time to prove his works Also look at eustace mullens research on the zionists here on youtube he lived in a congressionaly library off and on and has aquired tons of valuable knowledge which is something you have to do since they been running the media and papers forever. .

    Rockefellar the oil refiner got caught up in the gloablist plan i think all the money went to its head but he owns massive amounts of shares in big pharma and the banks so he's allied with the rothschilds,morgans,kuhn&loebs,schiffs,soros, nic things here about big pharmaceuticals and the poisons theyr'e using in them, it's also in the foods ;o ;o ;o . one of their religious scripts, also see/search babylonian talmud. Good sight here to find out about the corrupt elites, i think they shut jeff rences sight down but this ones still going .. Oh, maybe not .
    Hope China doesn't ally with the luciferians because they'll just suck up everything they have to, so…yeah…..splendid piece here whatta nice world would be without these bribery artists, no poverty, high taxation, bogus corporation schemes, giving money away to terrorists, war proffiteering etc genocide . Professionals in their respective field tell the truth i think price did to and they got to his ass. network of bribery and con-artists and war proffiteers, they also love baal from diablo 3. Illuminati aka tri-lateral commision, jesuits, bilderburgs= globalists…w/e. Testimonies about vaccines and their ill effects . banksters own the jesuits or do they just work together?idk. corrupts have been arrested!! i hope so…be nice of this were true. More proof of bankster crimes . . CORRUPT BANKSTERS TRYIN TO SELL IDEAS, merch, weapons and how china is buying up the usa. hillary and obama will keep that goin.

    hillary and obama are against new energys!!! keep paying those 400$ electric bills ya dumb fucks or maybe it's her bankster pals that bought stock shares in oil, the vaticanites to. They also are the ones hiring arab mercenaryz and paying radical islamics to invade europe to cause havoc. plenty of other websights to find this out just look, they run isis…they could take isis off the map if they felt like it.

  11. RAY POST says:

    I hope you guys have our back

  12. I never asked for this

  13. Darren Storr says:

    ahh war is at hand, it's doubtful that the us government will last another 5 years, they way things are going right now, you're lucky if you get that long, you have been fattened up, dumbed down, you have been tricked, used and betrayed countless times for greed by the very people sworn to protect you, they have flooded your streets with poison and killed our brothers by the millions, when the rest of you decide, it's the last straw, and finally stand up, i'll be ready to fight.. until then

  14. Rebecca Rill says:

    wow open my eyes up more

  15. SCOTT FIZER says:

    Obama wants the end of what he calls white America. That's why the Media inflames both sides. Divide and conquer. But they fail to realize, that each step they take, it is being countered. The internet has backfired on their plans. In seconds, people from part of the Country can communicate to the other. We can talk to other Countries.If they try to turn it off, then people will know the truth. The world governments are sham. NWO can NEVER be aloud happen. The end of the world would be much better then being told how to think and live. Controlling our children, through media and our schools. But, Millions will not comply, and will fight. Because t be free, you must always fight for it.

  16. this man is not part of Anonymous do not be fooled Anonymous has release a video disclaiming his association with them

  17. only if you saw the choosen i am waiting fellow brothers i know The V and its everywhere

  18. Cicero says:

    but won't socialism/communism lead to the same thing?

  19. the white wig guy wearing the Masonic deceptive image on the chest

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