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  1. anonymous is great

  2. Hey S. I don't think the C2 is down yet. The main is in Saudi.

  3. OMG!! It's V in real life. ?? thank you Anonymous!! let's get these sick bastards.

  4. Mr. Savage says:

    Anonymous is very nice and caring?

  5. Anonymous for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill all those ISIS bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for trying your best to defeat the terrorists

  7. David Chase says:

    if they are without a name or face how do you know if they are real? its like a Broadway show. why dont they become real and make a super hero name for them self. like how Isis made a name for them self, or a military of any sort. otherwise they are just another conspiracy illusion and can't be tracked or given credit for their words of effort. its like how some classified units dont exist because they have no names. therefore they are considered a myth. no one can say for sure who is really doing what. for all we know anonymous could be a United states super computer located somewhere in Utah. someone has to lay claim to what they do to them or its just nothing but words. because really if they hack these so called Isis no one's going to be angry with them, unless Isis is funded my America. then you might be troubled.

  8. Thank you Anonymous. I was wondering the other day if you had been involved in the fight against ISIS. I expected you were because I've come to know you as a group lead by a moral code and you defend the freedom of the people.

    The way ISIS uses the internet to spread its virus, defenders of the internet like yourselves can make a big difference and save many lives.

    Again, thank you for all you are doing. The world needs talented people like you to help us fight this societal disease. You're the treatment.

  9. I know freedom of speech is your thing anonymous but doing this (suppressing religious fundamentalism) is definitely the right choice. I hope to hear your vigilante victory's in the news as you crush ISIS.

  10. Eddie Allen says:

    Well, "Anonymous" should start with the Israeli Mossad & CIA or French government Data bases since "ISIS" does not, nor has ever really existed. It is merely a CIA, Israeli & Saudi construct to serve as a proxy army or paid mercenaries.. Paris, just like the "Boston Bombing", "Sandy Hook" & "911" was just another government sponsored False Flag perpetrated by well coordinated, protected, funded & equipped actors. Good hunting "Anonymous" unless of course you are the CIA or NSA version of it. They are the biggest hackers on the planet so I just hope you are the "White Hats" & not those treasonous bastards, otherwise you would just be "Hacking yourself" (But they do that anyway)..

  11. zuma musa says:

    What could anonymous do? Easy! Find out all the websites that ISIS usually deals it and hack all their websites.

  12. zuma musa says:

    Anonymous should make ISIS not to be able to communicate with Youtube and whatever channels so as to publicize or to recruit people to join them to fight.

  13. dj skeen says:

    anonymois thank you

  14. Isis opened new website on the darknet. We should focus on them.

  15. 'knock knock.' "Who's there?" 'anonymous.' "Anonymous who?"

  16. Itz NeRo says:

    hack the shit out of them hell yeah

  17. Hell ya I'm supporting you guys

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