Anonymous – Plan to defeat the Illuminati and New World Order 2015


Anonymous – Plan to defeat the Illuminati and New World Order 2015 JOIN US: – Connect with Anonymous …


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  1. Jesus is Coming Back for His judgment you Demons there is no Escape

  2. Daniel Reyes says:

    I am with you guys

  3. Matt Fort says:

    Brilliant job guys really good work! Anarchy should be the future, however I believe that the monitary system itself needs removing from the solution. money leads to human suffering, greed, corruption, and the illusion of scarcity. There are enough resources on the planet for every single human being yet there are only finite resources. We would need to use technology to enhance everyone's lives, with the ideas of Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project. Great job with the video thanks again! I would love to get involved with this work!

  4. This is eye opening

  5. anonymous should be the new government that would make it so much easier

  6. you should put this on tv you know and pass the message The Prince Of Amv's said this in the comments so dont say i took it from him i am just keeping it up in the top of the comments

  7. Joe Lee says:

    I mean … really… what would this hysteric have the "people" do that is not already being done or at least in the process of being done ?

  8. mm sre bms says:

    I feel so dumb for not seeing all of it this way. I guess the government are the smartest criminals out there.

  9. Neji The Fox says:

    I know a recipe for a maga no lethal weapon can this help contact me Anonymous and I can transfer the data.

  10. Neji The Fox says:

    you guys and girls are right

  11. How do we know if it is the real Anonymous ? You might be scamming!

  12. Help me and yes that is true I would millions of dollars pls I love you guys thank you for everything

  13. I never really did believe in some stuff that people said but,the Anonymous is right

  14. bravo! anarchism and it's nature is very WELL portrayed here. bravo

  15. Scar Gaming says:

    no more government just freedom

  16. Chee Madara says:

    If u Anonymous so hack me proof that u really a Anon

  17. Anonymous. You do not have to do this, this is Jehovahs work.

  18. Lets take it back to the old cartoon pinky and the brain. They were to take over the world. If a screen writer has a plan to take over the world and only makes 1,000,000 a year salary. What do you think the billionaires of the world have on their agenda. They are bored souls who can afford anything. life isn't fun for these people so they have to create another agenda to keep them busy

  19. Mirik Kla says:

    what a beautiful world….a world without illuminati!

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