Anonymous – Putin EXPOSES World War 3 Plan 2016


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  1. Rm B says:

    i have to ask it but how do we know this is what he is really talking about? I mean he could be talking about drinking vodka and fucking bitches ya know? are the subtitles on point?

  2. Image world where everyone had speaked the same language,nobody had higher power that others,and everyone live in the same place there be no reason for war the reason for war is to be the better person to know that you can be more dominant then other countries competition is war,competition kills,and competition hurts. Nothing in this world doesn't have purpose so when war starts people should feel horrible knowing there killing innocent people how had a purpose i am scarred by that idea

  3. I hope Russians understand this is not Americans but our insane government. Hillary wants this war and talks of it nonstop. Trump talks of partnership against ISIS with Russia Most Americans agree with Trump on this point. We have a runaway government now and our people are only fattened sheep for the most part with no will to stand against it as long as they have their bread and circuses. But even the sheep don't want war. May God have mercy on us all. Gospodi pomilloy.


  5. Sue Ramsey says:

    The"threat" from Putin is a warning… it Hillary becomes president, there will be war. Think about how crooked our political system is and remember how Bush "won" his second term. They want Hillary in office. Depopulate the planet. They have no hope for humanity. I'm trying but seeing people and their cruelty towards each other, such as correcting grammar when the correction isn't needed, it's heart breaking.
    I'm all for a revolution. it's long overdue.
    (((if we released all prisoners being punished for breaking marijuana laws, we'd have enough room in our systems for the true criminals, crooked politicians)

    Stop selfish service and let selfless service rise.

  6. ahyeaman says:

    So should I join the military? or buy my own guns and wait? Or do I do nothing?

  7. US should be removed from yhis world….. its fucking ash

  8. cali foolya says:

    sounds like russia has the little man syndrome.

  9. Colin Kinsey says:

    All I can say is I hope all the leaders involved with nuclear weapons know our children will never forgive them if these weapons ever see use in this century or in the future ! Cool heads heads …

  10. This video was last week. For being Anonymous you sure sure are slow in getting this information out.

  11. US is in war signs Columbus arive in America and they kill over 80000000 milion native American next Iran Iraq Afghanistan siria i now what is next Russia but! that will be biggest mistake ever , everybody point on Putin his the bad guy but nobody talk about Obama why? people wake up there is something bigger going on they cover that by wars, global warming, crisis, and other things what distract your concentration from truth soon something happen but not war bigger and worst…

  12. Mexi Can says:

    comrade putin kill Obama please

  13. Anonymous now but they afraid to tell ass…

  14. this is old took place in 2000 wtf 16 year old war plans ,yes he is real buti diont know about the people passing this as new ,what a waist of time !!1

  15. Kingl Sam says:

    There will never be world war 3 on anything expect if one threatens on a nuke attack ?cuz all of the other stuff are minor things even bombing each other's property or massive killing because these things the country's people won't agree to war just for it cuz it's not effecting them?

  16. I'm not trying to be rude towards anon. But can any native Russian confirm this. Or anyone who speaks it.

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