Anonymous: Putin LEFT The New World Order Government


Anonymous Message 2016 – You have to watch this! This is the latest Anonymous message to the global public. Anonymous messages: Anonymous: The Zionist …


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  1. deport all these Russian trolls and Commie sympathizers President elect Clinton

  2. God Bless Putin! He Is A REAL MAN!!!!

  3. He Did what was Right for His Country and His People!!!!!

  4. Putin just gave Steven Segal permission to expat there.

  5. Vladimir Putin has giant balls of pure solid steel. No leaders are 100% clean (if they were, they couldn't rise to public stations). But he is a good egg among slimy, rotten, murdering creeps. FANTASTIC VIDEO!!!

  6. An informative vid indeed!!!!

  7. Yah, yah… Putin decides to "repent" and come clean from a lifetime of involvement in NWO??? Don't think so…. I'm not buying the Putin as big hero story. Putin IS THE NEW ANTI-THESIS to bring it all down. PUTIN AND TRUMP ARE BOTH NWO OPERATIVES as were Hillary and Bill and the whole lot. Trust no one!

  8. And now with the election of Trump, he'll join with Putin against NWO and ISIS.

  9. Rod Knocker says:

    This video shows many images of a spinning earth & space-shuttle orbiting. Realize the spinning globe is the original scheme to influence the masses. Evidence suggests NASA be faking. The earth isn't a globe, it's what's called flat earth.

  10. I'm on Putin side no matter what. God bless this man

  11. Incredibly stupid huh! These morons aren't able to usher in JEHOVAHS time of Great TRIBULATION. He has his set time. They can usher in the mark of the beast. But when they try, mankind will rebel. N they want subjects to control. So someone needs to trick them in a manner for. N their cover is blown. ?????

  12. Jehovah desires his creation to listen to him. Not subject them.

  13. hi people the Kabul has the right idea this video does express entirely what it should the war between Christians and Islam or Muslims is a connectivity to the Arab people and there known as separatist which they are presently anywhere on this earth with or without permissions

  14. the war of religion Christians and Muslims or Islam is already happening. thousands of Christians. are being shot down which gods eyes is not allowed Christianity is in most country's and is greatly recognized to be a future of country's to be future way for there country. future s. but when you got. Arabs trying to convert Christians force able is wrong the Arab should be punish for these crimes against Christianity and harming people that are not Arab the desecration of these Arabs must occurr as soon as possible. they read the Bible wrongly and are not being led by god and being Led by a demanding man or women or large group murderously forcefully the end of. this. in the presents of God.

  15. well I got news for you Allah is the same as god same person so you force to read and write in the name of allah nothing is forced. upon another because you think Allah is one only to you who is Arab sect. separatist in to be a oneness in God's mine you are but yes have already committed the act of crimes breaking the gods laws thy shall not kill thy shall not steal thy shall not rape thy shall not and the laws of the Torah the tanakh the Kabul and all of the revelations gods laws given. guilty guilty is the verdict to never exist again

  16. the Quran is the revealed. laws to the Arabs Muslims and Islam and you as Arabs know what I'm talking about

  17. the Quran is the revealed. laws to the Arabs Muslims and Islam and you as Arabs know what I'm talking about

  18. dont. plan fooling me me. from the mind and heart of God Almighty

  19. This announcer sounds like our Dennis Cometti.

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