Anonymous – The Collective’s Decision 2013



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  1. Drake Waters says:

    …you scared me there for a second, well played 🙂

  2. Ky3 5 says:

    I liked Illumisec.

  3. The sound was perfect for me.

  4. FallingFloor says:

    We are Ponysec. We love. We tolerate. Expect Rainbow-dash

  5. Liam Rogers says:

    🙁 Aww, but I like cats. xD Lol.

  6. So…. No Illuminati anons lol jk

  7. Jarvisx51 says:

    So close to teh leet views.

  8. Hahahahahaha!! That wa great! Happy April fools you guys!

  9. so anon joined the illuminati why….. :.(  wait oh you scared me for a sec

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