ANONYMOUS – The New World Order Agenda 2016 Illuminati Opposition EXPOSED UPDATE




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  1. like how ANONYMOUS is a book of information of shit I don't give two shits about, but entertaining. First off anyone that followed this fake. Is label of sheep. If ANONYMOUS is what I believe to be is no one person, not one voice its those that point out the facts and truth, true face is many, and voices loud, shit I can be anonymous, but they fail at one thing they label them self, which can't be look at a bad thing, is something to learn on and better understand, no question is need and find answers with in the information that you fact find and deliver your close to a simple goal, you must get to point in your path, to not have to ask questions, to know.

  2. MrSeekLoad says:

    ANONYMOUS I ACCUSE YOU, but I will try to make you better. The idea and battle you do is noble, but your methods are flawn cause you are not united, but divided.
    I am skeptic because in my 6 years of being with Anonymous after 6 years when I failed (I am only human), I have bin left to die by Anonymous when I needed there help the most.
    What I do have PROOF of is that Anonymous leaves there men behind to rot in the fiend of battle and that Anonymous need to unite or we will lose this fight. When I was nearly destroyed by our common enemy YOU ANONYMOUS ARE GUILTY of leaving your own brother in battle to the vultures of the elite to destroy.
    I am one of YOU Anonymous, but I accuse you of letting your mean in the field of battle without help to rot as you left me and I had to crawl myself out of the shit I got myself into for YOU guys.
    Now I am back in the battle much stronger then I use to be, but the scars and loss was permanent and extremely painful. Because I was with you guys I lost my girlfriend who was to be my wife now she gets married to somebody else. I almost became homeless, I lost my pride and people laughted at me saying "were is your worthless Anonymous now" and they were right I had no outside help though it was enough the help I was needing then was so small if Anons did unite that it would have hardly bin noticeable. Yet NOBODY did unite to help a fallen brother in battle.
    Now that i am rising up again from the ashes I am loved and admired by Anonymous. But you ANONYMOUS I ACCUSE YOU for leaving your men behind. And now I am working on making Anonymous more unite cause YOUR ARE NOT and that destroys us and the idea becomes no more bullet proof.
    As for "Marc Nemelka" in the "Anonymous party" mask as I said before I say now "please give some evidence that links him to the man behind the mask" your words are not enough because as far as I am considered you could be one of those assholes in Anonymous who your let your own Anonymous brother to die in the battle. If you can prove your statement I will consider you my friend and will not be anymore skeptic of what you say on this video.
    NOTE: I am not taking his side, I om only skeptic searching for more proof.

  3. Thanks to reveal things Anonymous!all the things you post

  4. G.T. G 1 says:

    What is The ICANN and how will this organization affect the internet as we know it?

  5. I want to get in contact with you guys +TheAnonMessage

  6. Spaztastic91 says:

    I am going to quote my dad on this guy "The Nemelka's were the "I wear my temple garment and am a good Mormon" but, they wouldn't hesitate to stab you in the back type of people. They weren't all like this but a couple of the older guys were and he was one of them"

  7. I'm still waiting on anonymous to take down the gangstalking network in an epic fashion. Don't let me down you collective of autonomous bastards!

  8. Ice Princess says:

    I'm gonna create an anon channel and just repost videos too. How about some original content? It's pathetic and it hurts the cause, that is if you support the idea of anon which I doubt because this is not helpful. Your disenfranchising a lot of people but that's probably the whole point now isn't it?

  9. the white hair figure has a saturn-sygill on his chest (composed of two X-characters) – as such he is probably in the order of the golden dawn or another occult fag club of "ceremonial magick" – high degree pedigree – he is the illuminati – Nemelka is in an order wearing KKK-like robes and thinks he is godly. These people deserve to be FLOGGED!

    aum tat sat

  10. take him down, we do not forgive

  11. Anonymous TV says:

    Nice video LEGEND

  12. Hfgd Dsssf says:

    To have a anonymous agenda is like having a secret power elite.

  13. some guy said he was anonymous and pranked me he should die

  14. I want to join anonymous contact me

  15. Anonymous will take him down!

  16. Kevin Houten says:

    I was a sceptic at first, but the more research you do and actually SEE what is happening around us it makes complete sense. I am massively on board with this, my blinkers arw off and i'm going to show the TRUTH to as many people who want to LISTEN!!! Eyes wide Open 100%. ✌?

  17. Could you guys investigate Soros and the Clinton Foundation,the Clinton murders,you guys ripped this guy a new asshole Great Job!

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