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  1. Swartz lives in history as a symbol of freedom and empowerment for people – you know, the promise of democracy. Those lawyers who destroyed him? Shameful examples of repression and vindictiveness. Congress and the big money that owns it, beaten back by a smart kid! Swartz is a legend.

  2. Robert Evans says:

    a very intellectual individual

  3. Smoke1Fal says:

    a starving falcon will die on a branch until it can see the neck of its prey but once locked on nothing can stop him at 300km an hr he dives takes the head and watches the body destroy itself, the rest will be written

  4. Powerful. I knew nothing about Aaron's story. It is an important one. Thank you for sharing it…freely.

  5. Suicide or murdered?!!!!!! AMERICA WAKE UP

  6. Judith W says:

    Moving .. very … I know its a mess , our country .. I believe God needs to be put back into our country and there are so many who choose to believe that the powers that be are good and all is well but its not .. they've no idea whats really going on . I know that those in the government are evil and one day I pray everyone else will wake up to .

  7. Dont tell people storys. Dont try to manipulate people. You dont have the right or the ability to do that. We dont want know from you, whats good and what not.

  8. what was the song he liked

  9. darya225 says:

    truly amazing..*tears

  10. Yuyi Leal says:

    An amazing soul, he clearly wanted to make the world a better place for everyone, making knowledge more accessible. Wow! Unfair what happened to him. :(

  11. Aaron had one of the greatest hearts and minds of our times.

  12. genkijin says:

    This is too good!

  13. xPumaFangx says:

    We lost a great human being when we lost Aaron Swartz. His fight was everyones fight for the better of our world.

  14. Gary Olson says:

    I never heard about Aaron Swartz until my friend told me about Anonymous. I feel like this man has changed my life. Just watching the videos on him makes me want to educate myself more so I can help others. My condolence for him and his family he seemed to surely want to help humanity. Even though he will be missed his legacy will live on.

  15. mys teri says:

    wow! sheer genius

  16. I think the real reason they made a example of Aaron was mainly he was so smart and the system looked at him as dangerous, it is a shame feeling the way I feel about Boston my heart has been forever changed because of this doc. My heart goes out to the Swartz family as well to all of his friends, this story will reach many people and it will be the fuel to good people that just want to make materials accessible to everyone not just to the rich as well as those that want to make this world a better place for everyone with a beating heart and a soul full of dreams

  17. Shanyn Smith says:

    My Gage has Autism Spectrum (dis-order) this reminds me of him when he was young and my oldest son introduced me to Anonymus after 1 video I got him a sweater I"m not expecting but I damn sure are counting on would vote for support anonymus!

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