Anonymous – The Truth About World War III.


The Truth About WWIII. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. – Watch some of our other videos – Anonymous – The …


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  1. Ara says:

    Anonymous is a part of global deception. Soons of Bellial want us afraid
    and hopeless. Think positive. Act positive. Keep the peace, and rise
    the love.

  2. KQX571 says:

    Just how many "real" anonymous sites are there?  Or are they all wannabes?

  3. you are a /// putin an is doing the same shit an china to all the country are doing you a not hepling the usa a day will will real yz you hine be hind a mus very studpit rating they will find you out you mart x

  4. Dr. Ripper says:

    TRUMP… or 1776

  5. What the earth needs right now is a huge asteroid. Anonymous

  6. Brian Stamp says:

    Really two days ago anonymous. So this just got posted.

  7. TheNikkuu says:

    Remember kids, fascism is just socialism with a smile.

  8. MrJorjohn says:

    Those in power know young men and women are theirs to mold into whatever they want. Most do not possess the knowledge to break free from the programming they receive. They are taught to fear their programmers. Fear guarantees their compliance. Fear of the consequences guarantees their compliance. Self preservation guarantees their compliance. Young and ignorant men and women will be the ones who will lose their lives to carry out the new world order agenda. O B E Y…..?

  9. noeffin way says:

    Ron Paul has been saying this for years. End the fed!!

  10. please provide a link to the original "Towards A Single African Currency" document

  11. pedronodog says:

    Is this what they call the American dream ?

  12. no soldier, warrior or weary traveler who is need will be turned away from doors so long as I am able to assist

  13. Don Gray says:

    anyone stupid enough to believe even some of what these digital doo doo head say needs to find the highest point in America,and take a leap of faith,& don't stop falling,until they feel their assholes making its way through their heads. udder retardation and hatred has been dividing people since the dawn of man,for instance cave men killed one another over the pussy conspiracy,in other words in their feeble Minds they honestly believed the wiser caveman,and his lies about rancid pussy. you get the gist of it right the wiser cave man was trying to monopolize the pussy,there will always be someone don't be stupid the dollar controls the world because America is a noble honest God-fearing Nation that takes care of her people ,,,and about a zillion other countries people's biggest issue with America is the freedom of religion,which is why most of these digital Dum Dums spew all this madness..see they won't you to love their God and kneel down to his will,as opposed to loving your own God,and keeping his Commandments,they just won't tell you that, but they are happy to tell you how f*** up your Country unfair it is how evil it is,but meanwhile back home in their desert land,they're blowing children's heads off raping,and beating the s*** out of women,and about a billion another sick Act, but who's got time to list them all. here's how I look at it if,you don't like America get the f*** out,and if you're not in America running your big f**** mouth,shut the f*** up.Americans are not stupid we got TV sets, and computers we see what goes on in other countries,and looking at all of that makes me realize one thing,I love America oh I love America,and if they don't shut up nobody cares.

  14. DJ 12 says:

    Where is our country heading.

  15. Why is this cloaked in anonymity? There is nothing here that is all that dangerous. Nor is it unique in being somewhat anti american? Also why didn't he mention the Arab spring?

  16. you guys do realize the united states wants you to know this information if they didn't want it out it wouldn't be out first of all your trusting stuff off of YouTube if there is something inappropriate on YouTube its automatically deleted so if they thought the content could be threatening them they would be deleting the videos and criminalize anonymous i mean who knows they're probably releasing this information and posing as anonymous because they where gonna release it anyway do you guys not understand how deceptive governments can be they make you feel ahead but in reality your not open your eyes america but for real this time

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