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  1. cantz007 says:

    Have you guys ever said anything bad about Russia or China?

  2. the Mexican government held billions of dollars an win they tried to cash in they were told no.

  3. To all you American bashers in the comments.  You are lacking an important piece of perspective here.  It is not "all of America" or "America" in general.  It's the sub-species of degenerates that exist inside the 1%, the lunatics who "own" and "control" America that are the problems.  Most Americans don't even know any of this stuff has been going on.  We get as much propaganda spewed to us about ourselves as everyone else does about everyone else.  But, that sub-species is well represented elsewhere as part of the 1% who do the same in Russia, China, the Middle East, Europe, etc.  The only thing they seem to disagree on is the dollar.  They all want the same thing at the expense of everyone else.If all this is the truth about the motivations behind these problems, i.e. the "war of the dollar," then the obvious solution is to develop a multi-lateral new world reserve currency regime, along with the US (the 99% that don't get a voice) and the same of the other countries, and engage in a practical and non- financial or economically destructive way of unwinding and phasing in a new system that doesn't destroy America along with everything else, esp. if WW III is to be the battlefield.  So that, we all, including America's economy doesn't end up back in the stone age… the only people who stand to lose anything in that if a good plan of that nature could be designed and executed, would be that sub-species of less than 1% who are driving the world toward a War to answer these questions instead of simply re-designing the system in a way that is fair to the other 99%…. all for their own damn greed (and ego's).  Everyone who thinks "war" is the answer instead of just, "a real answer" is a sociopath and I don't care what country or nation or religion you are from, or owe your allegiance to.  As long as war continues to be the answer, this species hasn't evolved a damned iota and WW IV will be fought with sticks and stones.  The 1% aren't going to like life very much in those days to come either, so they should get off their heroine and crack smoking asses and do the right things for once in their damned lives.Soapbox mode <offSorry, had to vent.

  4. pay attention, all true. which makes it horrifying for the future.

  5. Ren Jay says:

    Ironic really that you make a broadcast about the state of humanity with a voice that has no human emotion attached to it. If you want to be taken seriously then get your shit together and be real. Don't bother with the autotune get some autoballs. You sound like Cher and nobody takes her seriously. Do they?

  6. DJ LG says:

    bots cant see any number if subs

  7. The "federal" reserve is evil and needs to be destroyed. It is responsible for the destruction of the world's economy, the debt, students and their loans, the banksters fucking over home buyers, the evil auto industry, the Oil Embargo, Gaddafi, escalating the chaos and violence in the middle east, backing corporations that won't pay taxes and lose money, and gov't lobbyists and other terrorist organizations….including Khan. Khan, the biggest nuclear arms dealer in the world. He needs to be killed. Twice.

  8. Seznumerouno says:

    Oh the truth, colonel Gaddafi wanted to stop using us dollars to trade oil.

  9. Imam Mushrik says:

    God.bless the Elite,and the enlightened ones…the illuminati.May they remove Nobama ,Obummah from office.He is responsible for over 1 million murders.One bad niggih.

  10. Imam Mushrik says:


  11. Sean Furlong says:

    One of my hobbies is the history of World War I and World War II, I have many book on the subject and can't help but see parallels between then and now of the build up to war. Both world wars had seemingly minor events that eventually led to the fruition of war.

  12. harry Backus says:

    Satan the filthy snake has entered the world and his tool box includes fear. Fear not my little flock Jesus told those that love him. Jesus is not only the son of God, he is a friend to those that love him. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. This friend is a faithful friend .Fear not.

  13. mars2071 A says:

    Obama is doing all he can to make world countries and regions in wars while Isis expand , , , two nations will stay Isis and Chinese , , , no more animals no ore resources only Chinese and Isis , , , 4th world war will be between Chinese and Isis with knifes and Chinese will eat all Isis, , , 5th world war will be between Chinese themselves eating each others till they finish, , this planet is an asshol , , and we better learn Chinese to live a little longer ?

  14. Laura J. says:

    4 minutes in…. must comment now before I fall asleep…..

    There is nothing new or shocking here so far. A little mistaken on the explanation of the economics, but that is kind of how it works. And the rest is just a very, very boring review of history, Also, this is not from Anonymous.

  15. Any country or person that wants to go to war or kill anyone, should be exterminated.
    The people that run our countries since the beginning, have always been completely insane.

  16. I see a lot of video's with this subject. but when is it really going to happen at the I Just put my Phone down look outside and still nothing happens go to sleep and still nothing this for 3 years so.

  17. Jesse Vigor says:

    oil…. there's a reason why it exists under the ground, its ment to be there, just like our dead. Water on the other hand? water is the clean version of transmission. The technology for the clear flame has been known for longer than my lifetime.. and yet, just look at the shite we have used instead… considering the elite presume intelligence I personally fail to see it, instead I see a collective of backward greedy fools caught up within the illusion of grandeur… so much for maturity, how so obvious is their warped illusion of their reservation on life Hahaha… big body kindergarten material

  18. Jesse Vigor says:

    Our species are designed to fail. How does anyone honestly explain as to why we can only trace our existence back for such a short space of time.. all of our history has been wiped out with apparent previous archaeological finds ie, all the bits we weren't ment to see? and so we are left to only wonder why our minds tell us that their is a bigger picture… The Gene pool holds MANY clue's as to why, I myself am one such reason, for if you are born genetically indifferent opposed to choosing to be, you are treated by the medical profession completely differently to those that are forseen as normal.. ha! wtf does that mean?? – what it means in fact is that unlike the normal lot I myself cannot be Cloned due to having an indifferent chromosome. xxy look it up? as a result of this I am treated like a second rate citizen, as is also every xxy individual I've ever encountered worldwide. something or nothing? walk a mile in my shoes and tell me all about it…… its all very real from where I am standing. why are Children being encouraged to change their gender because they express opposite expected traits of their opposed gender!? other than weird, are children not allowed to be innocent as they mature naturally? what kind of fucked up parent would even encourage or promote such a ludicrous notion in the first place… obviously any warped unbalanced individual can produce a baby, its the outcome of being raised by an idiot that bares thinking about.. The next time you see the heading L.G.B.T take on board that its those idiots responsible. The world is run by fruits

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