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  1. You would be taken more seriously if you showed your face.

  2. Mary Clay says:

    this does Not make no since.. how is this new world order ??????????????

  3. Ios 6 says:

    I'm tired of wondering who the hell is the real anonymous !!!! I thought I had it correct on
    " anonymous updates " now there is "anonymous official " " L E A K E D " would somebody please be clear ?

  4. Ian Bradley says:

    Does anyone actually have an incident or fact worthy comment about what these absolute WANKERS have done?

  5. larry bon says:

    same ol story since jfk over and over its just talk talk talk. a rumur to keep life wondering. if it happens fucking let it every american has guns too they want war they will get war. put this earth back to western days id love that. no one owns nothing build your own land they got a army but we out number 10 to 1. they will not use nuclear weapons then there will be nothing for no one not even survivors so fuck um want a civil war lets go..

  6. Dos Kosh says:

    wake up bet half you twats calling yourselves anonymous have jobs pay tax into this government you people are so fucking dumb if you want change take back your birth certificate and become a free inhabitant then do these videos and tell us how hard you have been raped by the people you talk about from everything you ever worked for please tell me all this once you are not playing both sides can't be a slave to this world and talk all this shit to do nothing but post a dumb video of cuts out of news and propaganda

  7. Dos Kosh says:

    there is no more nwo it's people like you who break this world we are not free never will be the longer we keep signing are souls to our government via birth certificate tell me how. an a anonymous group follow copyright laws when you don't believe in this new world you fucking joker's your dreaming this is a hoaks for views

  8. ed Egyed says:

    Anonymous I am Patriots of the Constitution and will uphold it with the Second Amendment but I don't put fear in people's minds scare tactics is not my agenda

  9. Anonymous would't talk poo like that

  10. Their is no aliens they are the fallen angels. Demons.

  11. so do i willing to fight. blow them all to hell.

  12. Nikki X says:

    The new world order just sounds like countries working together.We wont know until something close presents itself.So far not much but Usa just needing to get over this hurdle of trump, white nationalists and fascists.

  13. The mark on the forehead is to have it on the inside not the outside they way your thinking is wrong! the rfid chip your right about.

  14. Tori Tou says:

    no one wants the new world order,no human should bow to any man. All people should be free to do what ever they so desire as long as they are not going against the law or the constitution. I was born free and I pray I remain free all the days of my life. Screw the New World Order,The only one I would ever bow to is my Creator.. I have listened to some of Putin speeches he does care about n people and you can tell this by..well hell he has all the underground bunkers for his people ,if there is a emergency he has his people covers. The USA unless your filthy rich have no place to go but dead in the street your home ,but no underground bunkers for the ppl of the USA. Hell might have to move to Russia lest he cares what happens to his ppl.. I hope Trump step up and the people who elected him in he will protect all of this Country save.all he other Elites are now moving underground to their beautiful new save homes We the people pay their blls sit them up on that mighty hill make them rich these things we do because we want to believe the Government will do the right thing,but seems it is the Government causing this peril. So very Sad,I know God will judge them.The reason I have no respect for Obama is because in one of his speeches he said we as Americans need a leader because we cannot take care and ecide for urselves what is best for us,and than talked about the NWO,he than walked off staged and thought his mic was off and said stupid Americans….
    Just Pray Trump remember us an respects us as humans

  15. 192lalo says:

    I agreed with all exempt the need for no government. it would be chaos. you want this law the other group wants the other. gov. should be there but very limited focusing only in military, taxes for public works. the gov. must not have the power to chose the judges. that is just stupid. when they want to break a law the judge will suck the gov. d**k like they do now.

  16. Tyler James says:

    If the powers that be are so powerful and clever that they've been manipulating people for decades than why have an actual phisical conflict? Why isn't always important but " because globalization" just ain't gunna cut it. It just doesn't seem right to me.

  17. Tyler Jababi says:

    Man I really wish I wasnt educated in most of what is talked about here so I could blindly believe in this shit… Please people so some fact checking and see that most of this video is bull shit

  18. Now I know that anonymous it's just part of Trump's lies and actually manipulate even more the info that is already manipulated,

  19. Cora Webb says:

    this shit us crazy!! I just want to say thanks you anonymous. I like to stay caught up in this stuff

  20. Pizza Catt says:

    "Nations, like individuals, may be misled by an ardent enthusiasm, which allures them from the standard of practical wisdom, and commits them to the guidance of visionary projectors. By fondly cherishing the opinion that they enjoy some superior advantages of knowledge, or local situation, the rulers of a state may lose the benefit of history and observation, the surest guides in political affairs; and delude themselves with the belief, that they have wisdom to elude or power to surmount the obstacles which have baffled the exertions of their predecessors." Noah Webster

  21. im glad its here i was getting tired of the old world order

  22. click bait bullshit. switch position left and right

  23. I support operation Renaissance

  24. Luke Fox says:

    look for the truth yourself.
    YouTube won't show it, but if you have Netflix watch the 13th.
    the 13th is not a movie but it is a documentary.
    look for the truth, fight with love.


  26. HolyIcecaps says:

    anyone can be anonymous cause we are all anonymous

  27. Fake anonymous video!!!

  28. ISIS is fake its a company called MOSSAD… The end 0f all wars will be muslims vs zionist…

  29. The chaos will happen on a FRIDAY… The holy day for muslims if thats not weird and islam not the true religion is i dont know anymore… The world the people that lived since adam and eva will know that islam is the only and last religion…

  30. thebaddog410 says:

    Guy Fawkes was a man. Why use a digital voice of a woman. Total disrespect to a true hero. RIP GUY FAWKES. This is pure garbage for the simple minded.

  31. Pina Haywood says:


  32. Bad Frog says:

    Deceptive dichotomy.

  33. Ashley Nave says:

    The Great Tribulation, and Antichrist is coming.

  34. here s a conecept what if all the tsunamis are really not tsunamis the are big explosions set by bombs set off in the oceans to deatroys contries.

  35. Glenn Miller says:

    The New World order It will Happen Why cause it' In the Bible . Everything in the Bible is coming true and i'm not lying to you. The world has been planing to do it.

  36. by design.
    Who is to say Anonymous isn't part of that design.?

  37. Maria Muench says:

    This is an advertisement for a video game company. This garbage dilutes the true Anonymous message and should be removed.

  38. alex arauz says:

    i dont want to live in the future lol
    fuck the future even if it is "better"

  39. Dspeir says:

    I've been watching the riot videos in Portland Oregon . their where anonymous mask worn by those that where part of the rioting disgruntled Hillary supporters . Proof of what I've been saying about anonymous, that they are libtard/ NWO puppets  out to deceive with us trickery  is true !!!!

  40. KlllrJay says:

    66.6% of the population is going to die.

  41. i would like help with this so that the nwo doesnt kill us off i want to live my life in piece without the illuminate trying to kill our children and our families.

  42. paul simin says:


  43. victrola13 says:

    The Secret Space Program is guilty of Interstellar Slave trade in human beings and has been for the last 70 years. No wonder they kill to keep this a secret.

  44. SuperDboy4 says:

    Trying to make people scared?

  45. Randy Dunn says:

    haha I was impressed with the "collective" anonymous (and you aren't anonymous) by their capability to hack and do things, but this is seriously funny. Conspiracy aluminum foil hat FUNNY. whaaa haaa haaa

  46. nadine isat says:

    run by MACHINES? lol

  47. Matt Massey says:

    they are trying to discredit anonymous

  48. JR says:


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