ANONYMOUS – Warning to Russia! PUTIN wants NEW WORLD ORDER 2016


Nameless Updates presents to you a movie on how Putin wants new conditions for the new entire world purchase to just take location. Subscribe ○ …


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  1. This must be a fake anonymous channel. Fuck this shit

  2. Bon Curry says:

    Yeah, fu* putin, he is soooo pro nwo
    ras dwa tri, russen werdn wir nie.

  3. Anonymous, your are a big disappointment to me… I thought you were for real, genuine on your actions, a part of the solution not one more problem… but I should know better … now I know for sure that your one more problem, that you are full of shit

  4. bill began says:

    This is fake news,Putin through out n w o,some of the bankers were found in cement boots,their even starting a B R I C S bank with India,China,Egypt and several other countries,this is why na toe is surrounding Russia,the us is hell bent on destroying it.Hell he's about the only true Presidential leader left,he loves and cares about his people,even Snowden has talked to him personally via skype or whatever they use,see if you could talk to our puppet leaders. !!!

  5. Jess Small says:

    stfu you anonymus troll!

  6. Solarchos says:

    Putin just wants to establish the Neo-Soviet Union. He could care less about the rest of the world just so long as he gets what he wants.

  7. OK that´s enough, stopped following anonymous updates for misleading info

  8. Paula B. says:

    The Putin World Order… Yep!

  9. Obomba destroyed his own citizens' sovereignty and liberty, yet wants to "protect" anothers'?!

  10. bierdruide says:

    Putin NWO? No way. Putin poked Rothshilds Ass with the devils Fork. I can Imagine the Butthurt Family will try Asassinate him in a couple of Years. Hope eyes will still be Open by then, since its to easy for the Public to be fooled.

  11. Nikki black says:

    well maybe I don't know you ever remember Britain created the KGB and the KGB was Communist so unless he has changed

  12. Jan Reynolds says:

    niggar monkey talking his shit.Try to make his voice sound like a know it all genius. Obama is a joke.

  13. kyus2001 says:

    Anonymous Uprising

  14. kyus2001 says:

    Scott Pellets was not in front of Vatican city
    he's in front of a green screen

  15. MrHawkwind says:

    The Jesuit's run both sides behind the scenes, don't be fooled by the lips, look what the hands are doing.

  16. State department Anonymous. LOL

  17. This is the Truth their was no Weapons of mass destruction. It was all based on lies an excuse to Invade. A false Flag and now the same chancers are scheming their next move even more so now think People in USA just stop and think 44.

  18. Max America says:

    Putin wants to bring back Russia to its former glory. Putin wants the recreation of the USSR.

  19. Robert Jones says:


  20. Blue Avatar says:

    Their are 2 major empires fighting for control of the world USA and the European Union VS Russia and China there are no good guys they all want the same thing which is power!

  21. TheCadstar says:

    What a load of zionist bollocks!

  22. Spartacus547 says:

    this a propaganda this is not the real anonymous don't be fooled. PS to the people post this the real Anonymous is going to come for you Expect Us!

  23. thank GOD for Putin

  24. WE the people do not want NWO and neither does Russa.Neither does China.

  25. Asylum505 says:

    Fake Anonymous! #BS !!!

  26. Putin reminding the west that Russia is still a super power and will not take crap from them & their alies..

  27. please tell me how we fall for all the lies that the elite told us

  28. I would like to meet one of you and have a talk

  29. agitbeats says:


  30. Ishima Kei says:

    Old info. Poroshenko are real monster. Cutthroat. And you will be surprise. \(º □ º l|l)/ run run run…. forgot about freedom… run run run… the game was begin… run run…27.02.2017

  31. Remove Kebab says:

    lol what? Russia wants new world order? Even though other conspiracy theorists said Russia was the main enemy of the new world order in 2014

  32. Jamie Walker says:

    Putin Just can't have a nato country on the Russian border. End of. Understandable.

  33. Jamie Walker says:

    I just watched another of your videos which was great, it showed Putin speaking and was for once correctly translated. Something I do not get with the British or American media. However this video is an absolute contradiction of the previous video. What are you actually trying to achieve here? I feel like it discredits you. Especially now as the mainstream media is now pushing the name "Fake Media" to the masses but that the enlightened know as alternative media. I think it is important not to deviate from the path in order to achieve views.

  34. WhatUwant? says:

    Nope, He was. He backed away after 2008. 08.08.08 never forget. so does he. He saw what will happen.

  35. Anonymous you're nothing but a bunch of fucking assholes working for the very same system you're "fighting" against now fuck off

  36. Robin Dudley says:

    Saudia Arabia.CakesAme Are in the Bibles.Also.Join Russia Now Understand Virgin Mary. Your. Mother And not America.Washington DC.From the beginning of time.And u Came to me Already Hoka pipe.Bong OK.Trust me.I don't lie.Resererected Three times already. OK.International.

  37. EA 333 says:

    Ah come on conspiracy theorists, decide whether Putin is anti-NWO or pro-NWO

  38. lmao, you have no idea what you are speaking about. nice click bait though… scum.

  39. Easy Company says:

    stfu Anonymous….stop watching MSM…your getting brain washed.

  40. Ant says:

    Why is everyone worried if Russia takes UKRAINE or Crimea its really part of RUSSIA leave them alone

  41. THIS VIDEO TITLE IS BULLSHIT! Putin has not made any statements that would suggest he wants the NWO. And this is a bogus Anonymous page. Who TF is David Vose?

  42. Ann Jurrjens says:

    Most of the land in Ukraine is Russian. Southwest Ukraine was, prior to 1918 part of the Austrian/Hungarian empire. Kiev was the first Russ [Russian] city. He wants re-unification not segregation. The people of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea are Russian, speak Russian and prefer to be with Russia.

  43. Tashka andCo says:

    can someone tell these idiots that Crimea has not been a part of Ukraine for 20 years? we know that UN is famous for ignoring the rights of small governments, overthrowing them and gifting them away to the highest bidder. but this is COMMON FUCKING KNOWLEDGE. Ukraine did not own Crimea. Crimea was not taken from Ukraine.


  45. land grab? the US is now signing another bill to land grab from First Nations peoples that is under treaties for resource extraction or pipe laying. this is media backed propaganda.

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