Anonymous – Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER 2017


Welcome to the new globe buy. In this specific documentary we will expose to you the fact about the united nations.
Indications and Symbols rule the globe. isles/2015/05/twenty/nasa-arrives-up-with-an-international-flag-of-earth-5206066/ eight-united states-incorporated-uncovered.html.
http://govtslaves.information/united-nations-taking-us-park-law enforcement/

some resources employed: ApocalypseTruth/NowTheEndBegins/We Are Transform Slovenia/walter veith/friendofYeshua/TruthUnveiled777

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  1. Cron G says:

    This video has now convinced me this channel is similar to the other fake Anonymous youtube channels. This one is more heavy on evangelical conspiracy theory but they all share pro-Russian propaganda. Stay strong they fear the real anonymous.

  2. I'll wait to later to watch this, it's early morning here and this will be too depressing.

  3. Moody Blue says:

    la ville de satan s'appele Astana, changer le s de place et ca fait satan sa ville

  4. maybe i am misinterpreting this philosophy, but i do not see aliester crowley in this, which focused on the actualization of the individual. he seems to be blamed for everything

  5. Moody Blue says:

    regarder le Prince William il as la marque de la bete depuis tout jeune c'étais le premier a le recevoir et il attend son heure Anonymous regarder ca de pres s'il vous plait je sais qu'il est peut-etres trop tard mais peut-etres que non merci et bonne soirée

  6. Alpha Chaser says:

    There Will be Manny antichrists and Barrack Obama is One of them. George soros is another antichrist. Hillary Clinton and bill Clinton are Two of their minions. The movie and music industry is populated with satanists and demonpossessed.

  7. TWO.D DOUBLE MIND DEAD NUMBERS ARE DOUBLE ( 2) what R TWAIN FORK TONGUE 1 third is two thirds seven years is 14

  8. Rob Placek says:

    Anonymous DK=Not real

  9. Lucky for humanity, the force of love is greater than the force of evil, unfortunately many will probably die because lack of knowledge and understanding. Tough times never last, though loving people do.

  10. Jill Sweet says:

    It's a Record that go around just like the world that goes around thank you for sharing

  11. This has me in tears. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ and Him only.

  12. Trico Lorro says:

    "No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a LUCIFERIAN Initiation."  – David Spangler  Director of Planetary
    Initiative  United Nations.

    The New World Order One World Religion: Luciferianism

  13. Trico Lorro says:

    Very important video, thank you.

  14. Maple Sugar says:

    Obama puppet is a spoiled rotten, stinking, pew pew camel turd. He's about to be flushed at last, damned stubborn piece of shit is finally going down.

  15. Shafawn says:

    I would add.. the Bible does not indicate that King Solomon wrote a book of spells or that he chanted any evil spells. That part is questionable in my opinion

  16. Shafawn says:

    Excellent! Everyone needs to know this.

  17. Solid indisputable facts from our gov't and NASA that blows the lid open on the lies. Space, satellites, chemtrails, deception, the TRUTH about this flat, non-rotating earth. Everyone needs to know this.

  18. My heart is weeping and in fear. Why tell everyone Obummer sold out our country and it's to late I can't sit here and live in fear. Wtf??? Anonymous what is your end game????

  19. Sandra Watts says:

    im getting ( no i.dont believe anything anymore, nothing! )

  20. fire fox says:

    anonymous there's a video on utube "George Carlin the best 3 minutes of his career" why don't you hack all TV networks and show this 3 minute clip it's amazing

  21. Holey crap! all this information about colors and symbols, and the NWO?! I'm such an ignorant artist!

  22. As long as the NWO CHODES fight among each other, I don't expect them to get too far!

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