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  1. NoxXi says:

    SVT? Swedish Television?

  2. Jim Dotson says:

    i am not a American i am a child of god!!!

  3. tnga shultz says:

    That is so awesome

  4. Gray Fred says:

    world war 3 in pictures and on too peace bit on toward soft back and thomas p moores

  5. WikiLeaks is part of system they don't fool me

  6. Shipwreck115 says:

    Wikileaks will forever live for those who have a never ending thirst for knowledge

  7. Video stops at a critical moment anyone know where I can watch the rest of it?

  8. Why didn't they claim DMCA? That would have fixed it.

  9. The pigs in this video .. the American Military .. the ones who think they're heroes killing innocent human beings .. rot in hell.

  10. Anonymous Official

    sir Anonymous i salute you for your services i wish i could become a achieved hacker like you some day and like mister mannings and mister Julian Assange

    p.s. have you read the drone papers?

  11. there are many places where where there is no voice why?

  12. midguardz says:

    Wikileaks and Anon were great in exposing corruption.

  13. Thomas Kelly says:

    It never ceases t outrage me when I see the callous, vicious manner in which these apparent non-combatants were killed and the fact that a vehicle with children was fired upon. I don't believe this is a part of 'protecting American Interests' or 'Freeing the people of Iraq'. It is killing for the sake of killing alone, something U.S. citizens are supposed as a people to be against. I suppose this post will get me 'flagged' as a troublemaker by the NSA, but I'm tired of holding my tongue. God does NOT bless America when we act like this; he no doubt has utterly abandoned us by now!

  14. What ever happened to the American helicopter pilots and soldiers? – I absolutely hope that they are brought to just ice, soon and with swift action.Wikileaks – Julian Assange did what the World Media International couldn't do: Thank you Julian Assange. Absolutely disgusting – Shame on you American troops. You Americans are actual idiots, idiots of the highest caliber. Why are these things happening? – American ignorance and arrogance sickens me to my core.

  15. The whole country is at War – and you think they shouldn't bring innocent children into it?
    Is it true that people become soldiers in America – because they are too dumb to work at McDonald's?
    The US Defense Secretary – Robert Gates and Michael Mullen, US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
     You Americans have more blood on your hands. Not Julian Assange. You noobs. Do you see me?

  16. BtW I get it.. it's fashionable to hate on America as well as American's…. Much like Germany Japan or Russia American's are being blamed for this false ideologies propagated by so-called "the power's to be"……It's actually part of a historical cycle that has yet to be broken.. do a vid about it

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