Anonymous: World War 3 Critical Update


Anonymous Message 2016 – You have to watch this! This is the latest Anonymous message to the global public. Anonymous messages: Anonymous WARNING …


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  1. cory rost says:

    we have been in the end times for the last 75 years. the tribulation is now the beast is a system and the false prophet is the one who gets us to follow the system. nukes, t.v and bar codes are the three miracle powers. be strong. have faith. and we will be all right. don't fall for the lies told by the left who's god is the state. or system. the beast.(my info comes from a youtube video that got taken down I think. I haven't been able to find it again. but a preacher was telling about his research and how the anti-Christ or beast is not a person. but a system. it was taken down 24-30 hrs after I seen it. and I'm considered crazy.)

  2. Jason D says:

    And that's why I don't buy Toyotas.

  3. Aldo Sfalcin says:

    Six words that prove Zionists concocted the war in Syria " the annexation of the Golan Heights".

  4. DemonToss says:

    Usa and his allies most start war with Russia,Iran and China iff they want midle east global energy markets. And iff they dont start..then they lost lot off power to Russia,Iran and China and other his allies.

  5. biggest disease of mankind behind greed is religion .

  6. what a wonderful difference it would make if people would stop entertaining all religions . and I mean all religions !!

  7. unseenufo says:

    I just want it to happen at this point. just so they can shut the fuck up. Cuz if it does not happen. Omg. its next year. Then next year. hoping they get something right since '03.

  8. Peri Grinn says:

    Hastag No Lives Matter……8(

  9. Fuck you Johnson, and take William with you.

  10. Philippines leader to Obama: 'Son of a b–ch, I will swear at you'
    Politico‎ – 1 day ago

  11. the money countries use are to control the people , we have all ways been at war and there will be war as longs as the world is divided and as longs as there are good and evil , war will all ways be there , with diseases , natural disasters and man made disasters with war man kind will be no more less the matrix we live reprograms out thoughts , human depopulation is the agenda of the elites the filthy rich , they think we are parasites and in reality humans and all life are organisms , the earth is tilting more and more where the north is going south and the south is going north , the world is in danger , there will be more natural disasters and more war , every one is over medicated for what disease ails them , in the U.S there are terror cells in the mountains and the government will not stop them , there will be a new currency call the American Union where Mexico and Canada combine with U.S , this new currency will reset the currency it uses now

  12. Vince t says:

    No one, wants war!!

    Russia will win , but I weep for the unessary family victims .. if so!!!!

    For they say: 'East or West', but only our home does best!!

  13. There is no such thing as Terrorism… only Westernism.


  15. we have prophecies from 1400 years ago tell us how the world war will come.
    first sign the rise of Israel ,second destroying Iraq third war in Syria forth destroying of Israel and a world war then Islam will rule the world again

  16. Aldo Sfalcin says:

    It's not or ever was an empty lot people are fighting for. Palestinian families lived there for generations and were suddenly evicted and turned into refugees living in camps. Brutal, land stealing Zionists and the Jews that support them are CRIMINALS

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