Anonymous – World War 3 is near


Anonymous warns that a third world war could happen sooner if the major governments of the world do not end their corrupt practices and immoral .


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  1. What exactly do you expect the citizens to do? They have striped every freedom away feeding the mass bullshit lies. Well its for the good of all. Its for safety its for peace. Its for moving all the pawns into place. Many are waking up however it may be to late. The governments sit in plush rooms drinking cognac talking about what the next move is. In the meantime 1000's are dying in wars we didn't start and don't want. This country is truly divided. We are now seeing the reality's of united we stand divided we fall. So what is it you want us to do? How do you see a resolve. Don't get me wrong I agree with most of the warning you guys have been putting up. But really are you any different that the right wingers patriot groups. You warn and warn yet nothing changes. You make your presence known and nothing happens. We all you me the world are nothing more that annoying bugs flying around the governments that can be swatted away at any moment. So tell us all of us the world what it is you expect you change and accomplish.
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  2. Kim Tillman says:

    We are all sheep but sheep follow so make sure whomever it is that you follow is right and good and just…..

  3. I strongly agree with this there definitely be a world war 3

  4. Kacey says:

    Nothing we can do, so…

  5. martin batey says:

    all you have to do is stand up and be counted they cant beat us all !!!!!!

  6. Anonymous – World War 3 is near:

    Repost for Humanity to Educate Ourselves ; fend off Humanity's Extension !! Watch This & Start Your/Our Fight !

    PS … Their is plentiful , Amazing "Things We Can do ! Billions have Woken up ! With our Awakening we Are & Been doing Things for us & by us All ! Endlessly Persuading for the Betterment of Humanity's Expanding Moment. 

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