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  1. Tami IMHO says:

    We do not need to go to war with our current U.S. government. If a majority of citizens realize how corrupt our current system is then begin coordinating others to start removing their power we can morph a change without losing lives. They control our opinions with mass media, stop watching TV. They control our money via useless purchases, stop buying new products! Stop admiring money, new gadgets and new clothes! They poison our food with pesticides and GMO's, grow your own organically or at least buy organic produce! They confuse us with orchestrated chaos, buy books and get educated! Stop putting your money in banks, cash you checks and keep cash on hand. Downsize! But above all, get prepared to have no power and no stores!!! We need to learn to take control of our own lives, each individually. Learn to educate people who are in the "Matrix" without insulting them. Learn how to encourage people to become off grid capable. We have given the Govt our power, it's time to take it back. Together we stand!!!

  2. kaan pvp says:

    ayyıldız tim siker her dayim

  3. Rami Hallab says:

    you think usa is not with putin wake up its all a lie

  4. Rami Hallab says:

    you think usa is not with putin wake up its all a lie

  5. ** Pls fwd question to annonymous***


  6. ***ANNONYMOUS***

    PLS consider organizing protest with MASK outside embasy to get proof that Assange is alive and not compromised.

    The stuff being released by Twitter account (videos) appear to be false and misleading.

  7. SuperWeaves says:

    May God Bless Anonymous


  9. locomuyloco4 says:

    Need help contact.

  10. Meanwhile the Philippines government has moved it's alliance to China and is breaking relations with the USA, and now wants all USA naval bases closed within 2 years and the USA out of Philippines.

  11. Anonymous is just asslicker of Russia. Russia is not a hero or something. America is already cunt. If the war broke out between russia and america , that means WW3.

  12. Once again yet another fantastic video you manage2articulate the info so well I enjoy watching your material! I'm reading this book rite now its called Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper and it's a fantastic read! Also Im reading Mein Khamf. Although extremely controversial and difficult2read, although a genius I dnt believe Hitler was2proficient in grammar lol, but I think he was onto something with the Jews. I'm no anti semite I respect all human life but there's unequivocally something very sinister going on when Jews are around 10%of the population of the US yet hold around 80%financially!? Like WTF!? Those amounts are staggering! Also under further review I dnt believe the Holocaust even happened it was a lie perpetuated by the Jews banksters boosting them even higher into the stratoshphere of wealth and power and demonizing the Germans while they were at it. For instance, Zylon B is a lice medication, there were no signs of of poisonous gases in these so called gas chambes! They took radar and penetrated the grounds of these so called mass graves and absolutely no evidence found whatsoever! Elie Weisel admitted in his autobiography and accounting of his experience in this so called Holocaust that when given the choice of staying with the Soviets or the Germans he chose2go with the German!? If they were such demons and the Soviets the saviours they claim2be why is it then that he chose2go with them over the ones he was supposedly safe with!? Now it's indisputable Hitler had a maniacal outlook concerning the Jews but this was a mass deportation frm the Third Reich not a genocide of the Jews. You knw my Mom's British and holds this very dear2her heart. Not only was herself and her family born and raised around this era but I have family who died in WW2. After reading Mein Khamf, and it took much convincing on my part for her2even think about doing so, and other material I've uncovered she has actually conceded2this.The Holocaust is the biggest lie ever told and the Jews, the Rothchilds and the rest of the Jewish banksters, are taking over this world so Hitler was dfntly onto something and if we dnt learn frm the past we never will and therefore we deserve what's coming! Here we are forward2016they're still trying2instigate wars! Now were upon WW3 and we cannot by any means let this happen! We need2expose these Zionism pigs for what they are, parasites sucking every cent they can out of society and feeding their own greedy selves without a second thoughta You knw the Rothschild empire alone have the finances2feed and clothe every single person on this earth and over again with ease! This wealth is so highly concentrated btwn these greedy selfish few and the many are left2starve! It's wrong they knw we knw it and something must be done before its2late!

  13. What a fkng garbage. Greetings you assmonkey CIA propaganda fearmongers. Go stick this trash up your ass.

  14. Don't believe this fearmonger garbage propaganda. Anonymous is a CIA psy-op.

  15. Don't believe this fearmonger garbage propaganda. Anonymous is a CIA psy-op.

  16. yeah, the world looks to be royally fucked at the moment… psychotic warmongers running for president, russian/american tensions building… yup. we're boned.

  17. Memeticist - says:

    Because random hackers in masks know about the world outside of video games. What a fucking joke.

  18. OLSCOOLR says:

    It's so funny all these commentators criticizing Anonymous. They at least have protest marches every year. What are you dumbass trolls doing?

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