Another Man Arrested for Threatening Beheading

Joe Wurzelbacher

On Friday, police arrested Oklahoma City nursing home employee Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, 30, for threatening to cut off a co-worker’s head.

That was on the day after Alton Nolen was arrested in Moore, Oklahoma, for beheading a co-worker at Vaughan Foods and attempting to behead another.

Another Man Arrested for Threatening Beheading

On Sunday, KRMG AM-740 reported that a man in Tulsa was found in his garage decapitated.

All of this is within a week after a bunch of Satanists held a black Mass in Oklahoma City.

Secular types won’t see any possible connection, but taken altogether, this cluster of events is enough to make most intelligent people wonder what the literal Hell is going on in Oklahoma.

You’ve probably heard all about the beheading at Vaughan Foods by now. Nolen has been arrested on suspicion of killing a woman and trying to kill another after he was fired for starting an argument over the stoning of women in Islam. Police still haven’t said whether there was a connection between Nolen and the victims.

Nolen’s rampage was only stopped by one of the company’s executives who had a gun accessible and managed to wound him.

Nolen, whose crime spree evidently started because of an argument over Islam, who had converted to Islam while in jail, who had a Facebook page extolling Muslim extremists and shariah law, and whose crime is eerily reminiscent of ISIS videos showing the beheading of “infidels,” is so far being dismissed by law and government officials as a simple case of “workplace violence.”

In the case of Muriithi, he and a co-worker — a woman, of course — were working at Bellevue Nursing Home on September 19 when he made the comments about beheading her.

Muriithi is from Kenya and identifies himself as — place your bets; Buddhist, Christian, Girl Scout? — a Muslim.

He allegedly told his co-worker that he represented ISIS, and ISIS kills Christians. When the target of his bullying asked why ISIS does that, he reportedly replied, “This is just what we do.”

He went on to describe how he was going to cut off her head with “a blade,” and he wanted to know when she got off work. He also allegedly said that after he cut off her head, he would post photos on Facebook.

No word yet on whether this is also going to be “workplace violence.”

In Tulsa, according to KRMG, a man was found decapitated in his garage near the corner of 46th and Sheridan by “a woman who lives in the home,” but then goes on to describe him as her husband.

KRMG reported that the man’s hands and feet were tied, and he had been decapitated.

KRMG said police told them it was a suicide.

Hands, feet tied. Decapitated. Suicide.

There is no indication whether the reporter questioned this information.

There is also no indication from the police of why the man would cut off his own head then tie himself up in the garage.

Detectiving is hard, so we must be understanding.

There was no further information regarding the man’s identity at the time of this writing.

At the black Mass conducted by a bunch of out-of-town Satanists in the basement of the Oklahoma City Civic Center, about 40 to 50 people watched the cultists denounce Jesus Christ, then spit and stomp on a Communion host. The Satanist leader said the ceremony was toned down and would not include the usual nudity, urine and sex acts.

Outside, police arrested a Christian woman for kneeling and praying in front of one of the Civic Center entrances. City officials refused to stop the Satanic ritual because the building is public property. Evidently, that entitles anyone except Christians to use it.

The black Mass seems connected to an ongoing fight over a plan to put a Satanic statue in the state capitol.

It seems the famed “separation of church and state” that gets Christians thrown out of schools, parks and other public spaces doesn’t apply if you’re in tight with the Dark Lord.

It appears Hell’s a-poppin’ out all over Oklahoma…

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