Anti-Obama Street Art Hits Oscars: ‘Oczars’

Joel B. Pollak

A rogue street artist has ambushed the 86th Academy Awards with a slew of street art posters poking fun at President Barack Obama and the Oscars. The posters, of unknown origin, feature the Oscar statue with Vladimir Lenin’s head and the title “OCZARS,” referring to the proliferation of “czars”–powerful officials with no congressional oversight–in the Obama administration. The “O” is the Obama campaign’s familiar symbol.

Anti-Obama Street Art Hits Oscars 'Oczars'

Last month, another series of anti-Obama posters appeared across West L.A. to coincide with the Northern Trust Open PGA golf tournament. The posters showed President Obama golfing, and the words “sub par.”

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  1. MG says:

    I wonder how long before this artist has some kind of accident like a slip and fall out of a ten story building, an exploding car, heart attack a la Breitbart or the ever popular “suicided” for offending our thin-skinned Dictator…

  2. Nice work. That artist would do well to join the propaganda department of the Anti-judeo Revolutionary Forces –

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