Ap Illuminati Shaco Montage ft. Pink Ward


All credits goes to Pink Ward.
http://www.twitch.television set/pinkwardlol
Get wonderful video games: https://www.g2a.com/r/intmiko
Also credits goes to Box Box for the intro : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzLrGX6D_Bw
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Tune : TheFatRat – Unity


49 Responses

  1. VVatDeHeck says:

    I like how draven was picked so Xbonexs would have to play fizz top Vs Pink Ward. XD

  2. Neo Viriña says:


  3. younes bully says:

    you play with best shaco youare bad bro ILOVE PINK WARD

  4. Pip - Boy says:

    omg he is a legend

  5. Junior Dias says:

    tentei fazer isso e me fudi aiuhaiuahaiuhiuahaiuhauiaha

  6. ClickbaitFgt says:

    Box box such a gay korean lil fuck

  7. BOX BOX in the misery xD-
    Box Box en la pasta :V

  8. Top Lel says:

    he is the best shaco ever>

  9. 陳俊豪 says:


  10. Bat Man says:

    Pink Ward Folder BoxBox [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ TROLL LOL LOL LOL

  11. Tubbehh T says:

    Too bad shaco is still a useless champion, doesnt matter how good you do, he just gets intashot lategame and is super useless.

  12. So hes a bootleg heimerdinger…

  13. magnusm4 says:

    you get one or two kills in an awesome combo and they call you out. I get double kill twice 1v2 top during ganks and nobody says a word. Must be normal now days for Shaco's to surprise.

  14. 월하 says:

    3:35초에 피즈 점멸 q했는데 분신이었음ㅋㅋㅋ

  15. the way BoxBox dies to him just to show the strategy of pw to twitch ROFL

  16. Rob Ortiz says:

    jesus christ these overused songs..

  17. The credit goes to Pink Ward?? that is Box Box's video… !

  18. its not like these are flashy plays or anything really GOOD montage should be named "autistic enemies run into boxes they know are there".

  19. Sponzy says:

    4:08 i like how he disappears, shows up as 2, then in a part of a sec the real one vanishes to unknown place.

  20. ideadomg says:

    You literally copied this entire thing from Box box' channel… Wow.

  21. Micheil says:

    at 3:45 he upgrades his e at lvl 11 instead of his ult. I wonder if that's on purpose for his build order…

  22. Sam Madayag says:

    even boxbox is no match

  23. Spectans1 says:

    Hilarious trolling:D

  24. Amir Ipang says:

    HEEEE too smart :/ i hope iwas him

  25. Chris says:

    I got reported for trying this 🙁

  26. pavle perin says:

    Its the same video BoxBox put out nice repost.

  27. Rste91 says:

    have you ever been watching a match on youtube, see someone level up in the video and start moving your cursor to put a point in their ult? lol

  28. LeagueofMeta says:

    i actually don't get why people just walk into the boxes

  29. alex heath says:

    hes just a fat bastard in his mums house, hes also garbage

  30. Lol Lolol says:

    Ahaha Jarvan here got outplayed, outbrained, outsmarted ? 1min22

  31. Zack Lao says:

    yeah i am gona buy shaco now

  32. Onur asd says:

    Koreliler saccını yolduran shaco yapmışlar mk 😀

  33. 최승일 says:

    i love this guy!!!!

  34. JP Fragoso says:

    No matter how many insults i get in champ select, everytime i see this i want to play AP Shaco top

  35. Yanngel says:

    wow that is so funny xDDD

  36. 이상혁 says:

    저거? 사람이할수있는실력인가요?

  37. Devil Ex says:

    If I met him, I will throw the mouse

  38. JadeRaven says:

    Ap shaco is so similar to heimerdinger xD

  39. What is the name of the song please?

  40. urigiants says:

    Hold up, so did Boxbox pioneer the term "Illuminati shaco"?

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