Apocalypse The Second World War Part 3


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  1. Rommel wasn't an ardent Nazi political. Rommel was known as the tradesmen General & that is the highest compliment as far as achieving military goals. He was a military pro & a radical political party was providing the resources to prosecute his chosen career. Ardent nazi & Rommel is only linked here considering he had to commit suicide after a failed plot to kill Hitler. Lol.

  2. Here's a thread for debate. WW2 in Europe was the war Stalin wanted & manipulated to happen. A convicted bank robber plays a sly game of politics on the world stage, knowingly it will result in the calculated "acceptable" death of 10's of millions of Soviet. The division of Poland with Russia only occured bloodless, because when the agreed day of mutual invasion came, Stalin said im not ready. But still he massacres the Polish Officers & lies. Warsaw uprising is another calculated Stalin move by letting the Germans crush & demolish while idle armies await nearby. Uncle Joe exterminated far more ppl than Oddball Adolf. Word bra look it up.. :)

  3. Mehdi Abdoun says:

    Churchill made our history from the 1940s until know…

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